“Who wants to be my partner? » Cake Master wants to release new sets with pastry chefs

There was a twist in the show Who wants to be my partner? Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 M6. While the founders of Cake Master left the set with rejection from all investors, Mithula Panchalingam and Niroshy Thurairajah were snapped up by Jean-Pierre Nadir at the last moment.

They came to ask for 120,000 euros for 10% of the capital of their company, which offers pastry kits consisting of recipes, ingredients and materials made in France. A concept that allows beginners to make cakes without first shopping and making mistakes in the steps. “Our father is a cook. We made cakes with it when we were young. During the 2020 lockdown, we tried to do it again at home but couldn’t! » This is how the adventure of these two young women, aged 28 and 34, began.

Inventory for new customers

Before coming to the show, “We set a limit for ourselves. We decided not to sell more than 20% of our work.”, tell us about two sisters living in Ile-de-France. Jean-Pierre Nadir, Delphine André and Marc Simoncini made a bigger offer that made them question everything. Three jury members of the program offered to add 120,000 euros against 30% of the capital. “We hesitated. But we thought that Marc Simoncini could connect us with pastry chefs to build new partnerships. Delphine André can help us with logistics. Jean-Pierre Nadir had the contact for the products in our kits. »

After the shoot, Mithula Panchalingam and Niroshy Thurairajah immediately implemented the jury’s recommendations. They hope that their products will be sold thanks to the broadcast of the show. “Since we launched in November 2020, we have sold around 2,000 kits. Investors basically told us to stockpile to meet the potential demand. » They turned to the establishment and job assistance service (ESAT), which they had already worked with in Val-d’Oise, to make a large number of kits sold on the Brand Internet.

New cook recipes for beginners

They listened to the second recommendation of investors in a TV program: renewing cooperation with pastry chefs. Last year they managed to convince Thierry Marx to work with them. The chef agreed to work with them on a limited edition set inspired by the Snickers candy bar. “In addition to lending his name to the product, he helped us with the recipe to ensure that the cake was well balanced. » Pushed by the jury of the show, the entrepreneurs now want to offer cooperation with Cyril Lignac, Pierre Herme … “We have so many names! »

Today, Cake Master offers five sets: giant Neapolitan, mango passion charlotte, giant chocolate Délice, lemon-tangerine meringue pie and giant chocolate hazelnut cookie. A little novelty that hit the Internet on Wednesday, February 1, a few hours before the broadcast of the program: a box for making cookies and charlottes. “We will work on new recipes this year, keeping in mind the idea of ​​childhood cakes. » A subscription will also be offered to hobbyists who want to bake regularly without fear of missing out on their preparations.

Selling kitchen items?

Prices may rise as the sisters are confident that they will not make a significant margin today. The sets are sold between €22.90 and €29.90. “We offer a real experience, not just cooking”they defend themselves.

In the kits, customers find recipes and pre-measured ingredients. They just need to pour and mix. “We chose French ingredients and used B to B by professionals sold in the B network. Families cannot buy them or in very large quantities. » Small equipment is also sold, such as three baking paper molds and a spatula for a giant Neapolitan. In the future, the sisters are thinking of collaborating with a brand specializing in kitchen accessories.

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