Recipes for cooking leeks other than soup!

It’s winter and we tend to cook a good soup to keep us warm. Leeks are one of our favorite vegetables that are often included in our soups. So why not cook them differently this time? Here are our 15 super comforting recipes to use your leeks as a soup addition.

the leek is one of the flagship vegetables winter season. It is often cooked in either fund This is the most popular recipe with vegetables soup. The goal is clear to warm up while eating balance.

If you feel change the soup and prepare other dishes based on it leek, you are in the right place. of light and complete recipes for some, more for others greedy. There is something for everyone! There are many recipes it’s simple to dofor your greatest happiness.
Their side regressive it will surely please you childrendon’t tell them it’s a leek and it’ll pass as a letter in writing!

Leek cake

Revisiting a traditional Alsatian dish (flammekueche) with leeks! Comforting and sharing, you will have a good time and above all, you will be very warm.

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Chowder Egg Casserole on Leek Fondue

An easy, quick and cheap recipe is perfect: cocotte eggs. Here’s a variation with a good leek stock. A complete and delicious meal for the evening.

Leek and onion quiche

And if you make a good quiche for the whole family? Leeks and onions are the main ingredients. Accompanied by a green salad, this is delicious!

Justin’s Mimosa Leeks

Here is the original recipe! Mimosa leeks, what are they? Just a good leek sprinkled with chopped hard-boiled egg. It gives super comfort with a little butter.

Tagliatelle with leek cream

Pasta, we love it with all sauces. This time we present to you a recipe for tagliatelle with leek cream to delight you!

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Leek and bacon pie

Want a super easy recipe to make? This leek and bacon pie recipe is perfect for you! Simple and good, what more could you ask for?

Small leek and sweet potato tians

This recipe for leeks and sweet potatoes is light but oh so good! For an evening out or as an accompaniment, you can’t imagine a better one.

Ham and leeks with bechamel sauce

Do you like ham and endives? Then try this version with comforting leeks!

Leek tartiflette

One of the star dishes of winter: tartiflet. How about replacing your potatoes with a good leek? Perfect for the whole family!

Nadine’s Korean Leek Pancakes

Take your taste buds on a trip to South Korea with these special leek pancakes. It’s a change from what we usually eat, and that’s nice.

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Leek risotto

There’s nothing better than a good risotto to warm up. And with leeks, even better!

Dough pitas stuffed with green leeks

Our beloved pipa bread has been revisited. Bonus: an anti-waste recipe to use green leeks and a delicious real-life meal!

The leek is chopped

Original and tasty recipe. Usually eaten as a sweet dish, the crumble can be made with all the ingredients you want. Here, of course, leeks.

Leeks with cream

It’s cold, so we need some comfort… Make a good leek with cream and you’ll be happy for everyone!

Leeks with mussels

Last recipe and not least! You’ll think you’re at the seaside with these mussels and leeks. It’s good, but first of all, it’s original, you’ll get it!

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No more excuses not to cook leeks! These are original and comforting recipes to welcome winter as it should be.

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