original pancake recipes from around the world

CANDLES. Make your way to the pancake festival, a tradition with distant origins. Crêpe Suzette, crêpe cake, kaiserschmarrn… Discover all our original crêpe recipes from our regions and embark on a crêpe world tour.

[Mis à jour le 2 février 2023 à 17h31] Tonight is Candlemas, a pancake party! Of course, you know the basic recipe, and while some insist on sticking to the classic crepe, others like to add a bit of fantasy to the tradition, opting for a regional or completely authentic version. Some recipes are truly emblematic of our regions of France, such as Suzette crepes or delicious Breton pancakes. For purists, get ready for an explosion of flavor for Candlemas with our recipes below, on the counter or in the pan!

What are the original pancake recipes for Candlemas?

All items are permitted at Candlemas. Here are recipes that are more original than the classics: from Crepe Suzette, through a crepe cake to an apple crepe with Sabayon de Calavados, a Breton recipe for Farz Buen or an Austrian recipe for Kaiserschmarrn.

  • The Crepe Suzette A traditional crepe flambée recipe for purists. He mixes orange peel, oil, sugar cubes, orange juice with a cup of Grand Marnier. With the remaining Grand Marnier, it is traditional to burn the pancakes in front of the admiring guests. Discover the Grand Marnier crepe recipe or the simple crepe Suzette recipe.
  • Brittany, the Farz Buen it’s a very thick pancake batter, it mixes like an omelette in the pan, lots of oil and sugar. Break the mixture into small golden and lightly fried pieces with a spatula. Decorate everything with jam or cocoa powder. Recipe.
  • Austrian specialty, kaiserschmarrn A favorite pancake recipe of Francois-Joseph II and Empress Sissi, a real treat for those who usually miss pancakes! This is a pancake batter lightened with beaten egg whites, cut into large irregular pieces, very easy to make. Garnished with rum-soaked raisins or not, it can be accompanied by plum compote or prunes. Discover the recipe.
  • the crepe cake it is the result of dozens of pancakes stacked on several floors. Then it’s up to you to garnish it with your desired ingredients. The pancake cake can be dark chocolate, nutella, lemon cream, strawberry coulis, caramel or even a salty version, with hard boiled eggs and tuna, salmon or crab/avocado! Discover all the variations of the pancake cake recipe.
Rainbow Crepe Cake. © Srinrat Wuttichaikitcharoen / Adobe Stock
  • Looking for more authentic pancakes? Sweet Pancake Sushi, Rainbow Pancakes, Mini Banana Pancakes, Gluten Free Lace Pancakes, Kaplain or Pancake Lollipops, Lime Coconut Pancakes, Samosa Pancakes, Intense Chocolate Pancakes, Cone Pancakes, Pancake Rose Bouquet… Our 47 most original pancake recipes.

What traditions are there around the world around Candlemas?

Every country his candle light! Mexicans gather around tamales, which are pancakes with South American sauce. The holiday is similar to the feast of the magicians, because in Mexico during Candlemas, a king’s cake is eaten and a bean representing the child Jesus is hidden in it. Whoever pulls the beans is responsible for making the tamales. This practice was exported by settled Mexican communities around the world. It is part of France’s intangible cultural heritage.

Mexican tamales are steamed in banana leaves or corn husks. © Marcos / Adobe Stock

Pancakes are not the only star of Candlemas in Luxembourg. As expected by schoolchildren in France, Candlemas coincides somewhat with Halloween in the country. Children called Liichetebengelcher, usually armed with colorful lanterns made in class, roam the streets in search of a few coins or sweets. In the US and Canada, Candlemas has given way to Groundhog Day, which involves patiently waiting for him to emerge from his den. As a forecast, depending on the movement of the animal, we can know that the winter will be long.

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