Nikola Tesla would invent a weapon of mass destruction that could kill entire armies instantly.

Today, when you hear the name Tesla, he is Elon Musk or the electric cars of the brand we are thinking of… But before the name of the car, Tesla is a brilliant and eccentric inventor named Nikola. This inventor of Serbian origin went into exile in the United States, where he worked with a certain person Thomas Edison, the pioneer of electricity, as we said in the article dedicated to the 80ᵉ anniversary of his death. Throughout his life, Nikola Tesla given more than 300 invention patents in many fields : radio, nuclear physics, X-rays, etc. In the twilight of his life, he might as well have been the inventor of the super-powerful weapon he described as capable. they killed millions of armies on the spot.” The grim reaper tore him off before his weapon could be used, and maybe it’s better that way! Discovery.

A visionary inventor, Tesla?

The story of this man consists of certain legends, such as the legend that he was born during a violent storm. Was he struck by lightning from birth? Again, he will dedicate his whole life to science and its inventions. He even went so far as to accept 250,000 V shocks to test his discoveries! Nevertheless, a mad scientist full of ticks and ticks that enabled wireless technology and women’s liberation. Basically known for his work on alternating current, he won the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics. He was even the inventor of the first vertical takeoff and landing biplane in 1928, which would be his last patent. He continues to work and in 1934 announces that he is about to offer a “superweapon” of more than mass destruction…

Did Nikola Tesla invent a weapon of mass destruction before he died?

A giant weapon as the “latest invention”?

A mad scientist living away from public life lives in hotel rooms, which he has turned into a laboratory. He then claims to have developed a communication system with aliens or an elixir that allows you to live up to 140 years. His critics are convinced that the mad scientist has it “woven wires”, shame on the inventor of alternating current. Tesla does not deny, increasingly isolates himself, but at the same time gives an interview to a journalist in his hotel in Manhattan. He also gave a lecture every year on his birthday on July 10.

The weapon he proposed in 1934 would take an unexpected turn when he “declared that he was working on a capable weapon.” kill an army of millions on the spot”. The following day, the New York Times accepted the now 78-year-old inventor’s words, asserting that his weapon ” Destroy 10,000 aircraft from 250 miles away”. Perhaps the inventor, who no longer has full cognitive capacity, is no longer of interest to investors and no one takes their powerful weapons seriously. But at the beginning of the First World War, when Hitler was already in power in Germany, some might have thought that this was a golden opportunity!

Nikola Tesla's powerful and disruptive invention
Nikola Tesla’s powerful and destructive invention “teleforce”? Illustrative picture is not a contract. Photo Credit: NeozOne (Generated by AI)

An invention that will never leave its box

The inventor explains created a high-energy particle beam it won’t allow you to destroy an entire continent, but it will serve as a defensive weapon. He christens his invention “Teleforce” and explains that it will intercept missiles from afar to demoralize enemies. To him, and to his now foggy mind, this weapon would be above all a pacifist weapon. Before he died in 1943, he gave a box believed to contain his giant gun to a hotel concierge to pay his bill. But he asks this gatekeeper to NEVER open it. Unaware of what his room actually was, the FBI decided to destroy all existing documents when they were responsible for clearing it out after his death. Maybe there were sketches of his death ray in there? We’ll never know, and maybe it’s for the best, right?

What about the famous box?

After his death, the FBI decides to open this famous box, which is still entrusted to the hotel concierge to pay his bill. But no blueprints or traces of the death ray, just a few mechanical parts and a few fuses, proof that the mad scientist really did become one?

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