Mercedes’ SAE Level 3 conditional automated driving certification in the US | Autonomous driving

Mercedes-Benz is the first car manufacturer in the world Validate the SAE Level 3 system in the USA.

Mercedes-Benz system Driver Pilot certified in the state of Nevada for Conventional automated driving in a production vehicle on SAE Level 3 highways.

Pursuant to the requirements of Nevada Rule 482A for Autonomous Vehicles, The Drive Pilot system will allow the driver to hand over the task of dynamic driving to the car under certain conditions on Nevada highways.

SAE Level 3 automated driving function takes over some driving jobs. Despite this, driver is always needed. The driver must be ready to drive the vehicle at any time when the vehicle asks him to intervene.

The legally permitted secondary activity of the driver depends on the national traffic regulations.

In appropriate sections of the highway and in case of high traffic density, The Drive Pilot system can offer support for dynamic driving up to a speed of 65 km/h (40 mph).

There are the necessary control buttons for this on the steering wheelleft and right, above the thumb holes.

Once the conditions are met, system shows availability on the control buttons.

When the driver activates the Drive Pilot system, the system monitors speed and distance and easily steers the car into its lane.

The route profile, events on the route and traffic signs are taken into account.

System reacts to unexpected traffic situations and controls them autonomously, for example by performing evasive maneuvers or braking maneuvers within the lane.

The Drive Pilot system is based on and includes the environmental sensors of the driver assistance package additional sensors Mercedes-Benz considers the condition essential for automated driving. This one especially LiDAR, as well as a camera in the rear window and microphones to detect emergency vehicles, as well as a road moisture sensor in the wheel arch..

There is also a car equipped with the optional Drive Pilot system additional steering and brake actuators and additional on-board electrical systemso that even if one of these systems fails, maneuverability is maintained and transmission to the driver can be ensured.

If the driver does not regain control of the vehicle even after an increasingly urgent call and the end of the pick-up period (e.g. due to a serious health problem), the system applies the brakes to stop the vehicle in a controlled manner. when turning on the warning lights. Once the vehicle is stationary, the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system is activated and the doors are opened to make the interior accessible to first responders.

The exact location A Mercedes-Benz equipped with Drive Pilot is priced using a high-precision positioning system that is more efficient than conventional GPS systems. In addition to anonymous data collected by LiDAR, camera, radar and ultrasound sensors, the HD digital map provides a three-dimensional image of the road and its surroundings, including road geometry, route features, signposts and traffic-related events (accidents, road works, etc.). This information is made available and updated through a backlink.

The high resolution map it differs from the maps designed for navigation devices, especially by its greater accuracy, not in meters, but in the order of centimeters, with a detailed intersection and route model.

The map data stored in back-end data centers and continuously updated. Each vehicle also stores a snapshot of this map data on board, constantly comparing it with background data and updating the local data set as needed. All this allows stable and accurate positioning thanks to the image of the environment, regardless of factors such as shadow effects or dirty sensors.

It provides powerful electronics located inside the central control unit complex software functions conventionally necessary for automated driving, while important algorithms are already calculated as part of a modern safety architecture.

During an automated journey, Drive Pilot conventional automated driving allows the driver to forget about traffic and focus on certain secondary activities. When the Driver Pilot system is active on the appropriate sections of the highway, it is possible to activate programs to be blocked while driving on the vehicle’s integrated central display.

First introduced in Germany in May 2022, the Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot system is the first SAE Level 3 system in the world to meet the legal requirements of UN-R157.

Mercedes-Benz aims to continue its expansion in California later this year, with certification documents already submitted to state authorities.

Mercedes’ Drive Pilot system is available as an option on the 2024 S-Class and EQS sedans in the US.

The first Mercedes-Benz cars with conventional automated driving on suitable sections of the highway will be delivered this month. Second half of 2023.

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