LeBron James is more than an athlete

When we talk about LeBron James, we almost exclusively talk about basketball. But if there’s one thing that LeBron passed down to us during his career and will follow him after retirement, it’s that he speaks out on the most important issues in society. Certainly more than an athlete.

It took a perfectly framed campaign to make the term stick in people’s minds.

How was it already? More Yes ? But yes, you know when he went to France in 2018.

Yes, the famous trick.

More than an athlete.

The expression sticks to his skin like a tattoo worn with pride. Like an indelible mark that will become stronger with time.

LeBron is an open debater in the discussion of the greatest basketball players of all time. Considering the hundreds of legends who have walked the NBA floors and tried to make their own history, this is already a huge achievement. There are championship titles, individual trophies, longevity, records, points, assists, dunks, jerseys, everything.

LeBron celebrated the beginning of the 21st century so much that he is no longer boxing in the basketball category.

More than an athlete.

At first, after devoting the vast majority of his time to sports, LeBron understood his place in his society, in the American society of the 2010s. He finally realized that his voice was too powerful and his thoughts too beautiful to remain closed. during dinner with friends. What was needed? He took risks. Of course, damage his image, but leave an eternal mark. One that goes beyond league titles, individual trophies, longevity, records, points, assists, dunks, jerseys and everything else.

Do we need to list all the actions and positions of LeBron James in the face of systemic racism in the United States?

It is impossible because there are too many of them. But one thing’s for sure, if there’s one shirt-wetting superstar to rock the 21st century, it’s him. After Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, it was LeBron who took the torch, with some criticizing Michael Jordan for not taking it.

From 2012, LeBron received his first major duties surrounding the Trayvon Martin case, followed by the tragic fate of Eric Garner.

The first gestures, the first foundations were laid, which will grow with the new dimension of LeBron in America. Because basketball is never far away, and performance helps cement your speech when you reach the top of the mountain. In 2016, when James won a mythical title against the Warriors with a 3-1 Finals victory, his coronation followed Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of that year’s presidential election. The downfall for LBJ is President-elect Donald Trump, but it will only be a few months before LeBron publicly attacks Trump on Twitter.

Aren’t you afraid to say what you think out loud? Yes, don’t be afraid to do what others have never done before.

The establishment of his school I promise the school In 2018, giving young people in their home state of Ohio the opportunity to benefit from a free education they may not be able to afford. Right-handed backhand against Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, from the latter basketball player “shut up and dribble” that same year. Black Lives Matter worn proudly across the chest.

No, LeBron can’t just shut up and dribble.

And LeBron can’t more just shut up and dribble, considering your aura, your image, what you’ve become.

More than a basketball player, more than an athlete becomes more than the voice, a true spokesperson for African Americans of his time. We turn to him now to find out his opinion, to know what he will think and what he will decide. Will he support Colin Kaepernick and his knee in 2016? Will he scream at the killing of George Floyd? As the NBA faces a potential blowout in the Orlando bubble in 2020, who is at the forefront while the rest of the players listen? When his home in Los Angeles was vandalized by a giant NOT*** painted on the gate at the entrance, how does it react in public?

Herein lies perhaps the greatest legacy of LeBron’s career. In great counter-debates with Michael Jordan, what makes him so different from the Bulls legend?

No one on the basketball planet of the new millennium was more willing to take the mic than LeBron when it came to getting wet and putting himself in a position of obvious danger in the face of sensitive political and public issues. In the tradition of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell, LeBron has become more than a scorer, passer, champion or the greatest basketball player of all time.

LeBron became what he preached in 2018.

More than an athlete.

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