Ford Bronco: the modern dinosaur

It is synonymous with freedom, adventure, driving pleasure! After a 25-year hiatus, the Bronco is back on the market, and for the first time, it has crossed the Atlantic to represent Ford’s new values ​​in Europe, offering only models with strong personalities. This is the case with the Bronco we tested on the roads of the Flaine region in Haute-Savoie. An ideal place to judge his performances.

It’s official! Three years after its US launch, the Bronco is about to land on the Old Continent. A true, very rustic adventurer whose likes are no longer unheard of, with a neo-retro look inspired by the original 1966 model and a touch of rusticity around the edges.

Indeed, Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Class became very elite. Apart from the Jeep Wrangler, which is now only offered as a plug-in hybrid – So the Bronco finds itself somewhat alone in the world in this area, particularly hostile to pure 4x4s. like him, often very CO2 emitters. It relies on solidity and reliability. Obviously, he deserves his name, which means “untamed horse”.

Good to know: expect buying and reselling.

An alternative to the Argus rating, Ford Bronco’s auto Turbo rating allows you to know your car’s resale or trade-in value.

It is faithful to the original

This Bronco is available at Uncle Sam in several versions: short or long wheelbase, Sport or Classic model… and even in a Raptor version, with huge fender flares! But with us, it will be necessary to settle for only one type of body: five doors. And for a single moment of motorization : 2.7-liter biturbo V6 gasoline engine with 335 hp. Obviously, a lot of buyers will swap out the original wheels to fit big wheels to give it more personality, but that’s not the topic of the day.

The good news though is that it’s still possible to remove the roof (and 4 doors) just like the Wrangler. The system is even more capable because it is just as easy to remove the rigid elements located in the front. But The Bronco is distinguished by its two-piece rear element (consisting of a central panel and a rear section) can be easily disassembled by one person. It is even possible to store the doors in the trunk with custom-made covers! Just as cool: Ford offers half-glass doors on the lower part as an accessory, like the McLaren Senna.

Ford Bronco

Did you say rustic?

About 5 m long and 2 m wide, it offers plenty of space on board for a family vacation. But the most interesting part is at the front of the dashboard, which is inspired by the first generation Bronco. Materials are designed to last. According to Ford, you could almost wash the cabin with a Karcher!

The design is rustic, but the amenities are modern: An 8-inch instrument cluster combined with a 12-inch multimedia system. We particularly appreciate the Apple-CarPlay / Android Auto wireless connectivity and the 360-degree cameras. Ergonomics are simple, with large physical switches, you can almost control them with construction gloves!

Ford Bronco

USA atmosphere!

We told you the Bronco wouldn’t be offered with the Mustang’s 2.3-liter 304-horsepower EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine. In Europe, we will use the 6-cylinder 2.7 bi-turbo with 335 hp., mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission like our test model. A reasonably restrained engine that meets the grunt of American V8s but still sings quite well once Sport mode is engaged. Always in the right gear, it performs well regarding the shoebox profile (not provided). In addition, despite our constant driving speed, the consumption was around 12 l/100 km.

But the Bronco’s strength is also, and above all, its ability to cope with all types of terrain thanks to its all-wheel drive system with 7 driving modes (Eco, Normal, Sport, Slippery, Mud, Sand, Baja). And to tell you the truth With a rigid rear axle and a ladder chassis, we did not expect miracles on the road pure American fighter, very sturdy, but a priori completely archaic in behavior.

Bronco, the symbol of Ford renewal – 01.29.2023 TURBO test

Ford Bronco

The surprise was ultimately more important, as the Bronco offers good comfort with 35-inch-thick sidewall tires that compensate for relatively firm damping. Despite its high ground clearance and large mass (2,342 kg), the handling is amazing.. There’s a case wheel, the front axle is accurate in curves and the traction is never out of whack. Its benefits undoubtedly make it the most European of American models.

Its effectiveness in a hostile environment remains to be discovered, using excellent attack and departure angles, but obviously using the gearbox and mechanical front/rear differential locks. This will be the subject of a later test that is slightly more advanced in terms of transition!

Ford Bronco

American price?

In the US, the quality of the Bronco is also reflected in its starting price of $30,000. But don’t dream, because as far as we’re concerned, we’ll only benefit from the high-end versions. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the approximate price from 65,000 euros and add to it a fine of 40,000 euros!

But this situation will change, because the Bronco will also be electrified. Ford plans to go from currently selling 75 electric vehicles per day in Europe to more than 2,000 by the end of 2024.

Specifications Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco data sheet
Model tested: Ford Bronco V6
Dimensions L x W x H 4,839 / 1,938 / 1,877 m
Wheel base 2,949 m
Tare weight (DIN) 2,342 kg
Engine displacement V6 gasoline, turbo – 2.7 liters
Maximum power 335 horsepower
0 – 100 km/h CN
maximum speed CN
CO2 rate (WLTP) CN
Mixed consumption was recorded 12 liters/100 km
Penalty 2023 €40,000
Estimated price From €65,000

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