Due to the strength of its growth, Tiktok overtakes Facebook and Mercedes in the ranking of the most valuable brands in the world.

[DIGITAL Business Africa] – Brand Finance released its annual survey of the world’s 500 most powerful brands on January 18, 2023, during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

According to this ranking of the most valuable companies in the world, Amazon dethrones Apple and regains its leading position (lost in 2020), despite a decrease in value of about 15%.

The specialized media did not mention that Apple also lost 16%, but was followed by Google in second place, with an increase of 6.8% (worth $281.4 billion).

The 10 most valuable brands in the world in 2023:

  1. Amazon:worth 299 billion dollars (+1 position compared to 2022),
  2. Apple:worth $297 billion (-1),
  3. Google :worth 281 billion dollars (=),
  4. Microsoft:worth 191 billion dollars (=),
  5. Walmart:worth 113 billion dollars (=),
  6. Samsung:worth 99 billion dollars (=),
  7. ICBC:worth 69 billion dollars (+1),
  8. Verizon:worth 67 billion dollars (+2),
  9. You are here:worth 66 billion dollars (+19),
  10. Tik Tok:It is valued at $65 billion (+8).

The 25 most valuable brands in the world in 2023:

In this ranking, we can see that TIKTOK is more valuable than Facebook and Mercedes. China records the best growth in video application value. TikTok not only gains +11 points in the ranking, but also registers a significant increase in value: +11.14% to 65.7 billion USD.

In contrast to Facebook, which recorded a sharp decline of -41.7% in value at US$59 billion. This causes him to lose -7 places in the rating.

Mercedes (ranked -15 with USD 58.8 billion) also lost -3.2%.

A total of 48 tech brands appear in the rankings, down from 2022’s 50, following the withdrawal of Snapchat and Twitter. Other tech-focused brands that lost value in the study included Samsung Group (brand value down 7% to $99.7 billion), Alibaba.com (brand value down 56% to $10 billion), Facebook (brand value down 42% to $59 billion ) and WeChat (brand value down 19% to US$50.2 billion).

On the positive side, Instagram (brand value up 42% to $47.4 billion) and LinkedIn (brand value up 49% to $15.5 billion) saw market growth. increased through good advertisements. implemented a strategy to market their services.

Other big gainers in brand value include electric car makers Tesla (brand value up 44% to $66.2 billion) and BYD (brand value up 57% to $10.1 billion). carbon economy.

In terms of countries with the most brands in this ranking, the United States is far ahead, with only 201 American brands in the top 500. About 50% of the total valuation, or $3.981 billion. China is in second place with 79 brands, and Japan is in third place with 32 companies.

In addition to the Global 500 2023 ranking of the world’s most valuable and powerful brands, Brand Finance presents the Brand Finance Sustainability Perceptions Index together with the International Advertising Association at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This report shows that major global brands such as Amazon, Tesla, Apple and Google each have billions of dollars that depend on carefully managing their reputation for sustainability commitment.

The Brand Finance ranking is based on a market analysis of 40 countries and 31 different sectors covering a total of 150,000 consumers and 5,000 brands.

Brand Finance relies on various KPIs such as brand image, reputation, customer loyalty or NPS (Net Promoter Score) to create a rating.

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