Eleven of the best live games in Formula 1 history

Over the years, teams have abandoned their country’s colors to better fulfill the wishes of their sponsors. This did not prevent some formations from offering us decorations to flatter the retina. Suffice it to say, keeping only eleven supplies was no easy task. Here’s our pick.

#11 Benetton

The emerald green never left Benetton, at least not until Mild Seven arrived as title sponsor in 1994. The Italian ready-to-wear giant backed first Tyrrell and then Alfa Romeo to bring back Toleman and its Enstone. But the most beautiful livery is undoubtedly the one sported by Italian-British single-seaters until 1990: a livery that wonderfully combines green, red, but also yellow and sky blue. We see all the colors!

#10 Jaguar

The Stewart Grand Prix was renamed Jaguar for 2000. The white and tartan patterns dear to Sir Jackie’s country of origin are fading in favor of a sleeker ‘British Racing Green’ that would be more fitting. Unfortunately, there were no results, the English cat had to settle for two podiums in five seasons. But no matter, the Jags were still pretty cool.

#9 Shadow Ford

With its sleek lines covered in black and very few sponsors, the Shadow-Ford DN5 had an outstanding look. And that’s really the only area where the DN5 excelled… In terms of sport, it scored three poles (Argentina, Brazil and Great Britain 1975), two podiums (Austria 1975, Brazil 1976) and two fastest laps. Racing between 1975 and 1977.

#8 Jordan – Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges tobacco company has been Jordan’s main sponsor since 1996. But the Irish single-seaters, with gold trim imitating cigarette packets, were not very photogenic. To top it off, Jordan-Peugeot was decked out in bright yellow next year, a color that would accompany the Silverstone-based formation until its descent into hell in 2005. hooks come out.

#7 League – Gitanes

An inseparable sponsor and color from the great beginnings of the Ligier adventure in Formula 1. The formation of Guy-le-barudyor entered this field of discipline in 1976 with the aim of bringing the French colors to the highest level. Tricolorists will never let go of their beloved ‘Bleu de France’, always adorned with a few touches of white, not to mention the famous black gypsy rocking the JS5’s gorgeous air intake. Go Blues!

#6 Williams – Camel

Royal blue combined with butterfly yellow and pure white. With this famous tricolor set, Williams won most of its greatest successes between 1985 and 1993, resulting in titles won by Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost, thanks to the trumpet-Sega eye, our preferred professorial titles. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular decorations of the last 30 years.

#5 Brabham – Martini Racing

Later owned by Bernie Ecclestone, Brabham was sponsored by Martini in 1975. This is how the blue, blue and red lines of the famous transalpine spirit appear on the BT44B and BT45, born from the pencil stroke of Gordon Murray. British cars that were originally white during the Cosworth engine turn red when buying a Flat-12 Alfa Romeo! Unfortunately, it only lasted two seasons, Martini left for Parmalat in 1978.

#4 McLaren – Marlborough

A livery with extraordinary longevity. The iconic cowboy brand will appear on McLarens for at least 23 seasons, spanning three decades. Teddy Mayer’s and then Ron Dennis’s team enjoyed their finest hours with Marlboro: the first title with Emerson Fittipaldi in 1974, James Hunt’s coronation two years later, the Porsche engine hat-trick, the dream season in 1988, not forgetting the triple crown . Ayrton Senna. Inevitable.

#3 March – Leyton House

The late 80s saw the arrival of Japanese consortia involved in Formula 1. Leyton House, owned by Sulphurous Akira Akagi, took a look at March. The famous turquoise blue thus appeared in the English single seats designed by the young Adrian Newey. An integral colorway from its sponsor with an equally integral black logo in large letters on the sides and mouth. Rendering is simply a treat for viewers.

#2 Ferrari

We couldn’t miss the sacred red Ferrari. Apart from a few rare occasions (remember the 1964 US and Mexican Grand Prix), the Scuderia has never parted with its national colour, the magical ‘rosso corsa’. Disgraced in 312T5, Bred in 641 by John Barnard. Forza-Ferrari!

#1 Lotus – John Player Special

A divine blend of elegance and modesty. Even if revived for nostalgia’s sake in 2011, only one true black-and-gold will remain in our eyes: the cigarette maker John Player Special, which Lotus would wear for more than a decade. . Whether it’s a Type 79 from 1978 or a 97T from 1985, this livery with its signature interlaced JPS will never fail to excite purists. Suffice it to say that when the late Colin Chapman’s formation moved to Yellow Camel in 1987, it was enough to choke. Sacrilege!

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