Stuck between the MG4 and Tesla Model 3, does the electric Renault Megane still have the edge?

Electric Megane is a good car. The problem for Renault is that it now competes with two cars that have strong arguments in its favor.

The electric Megane, which arrives at dealerships in May 2022, is off to a good start: 33,000 copies were sold in 2022. An assured welcome for Diamond, this model marks the beginning of a new phase in its electrification strategy.

But shortly after its debut, the electric Megane saw the arrival of a formidable rival: the MG4. This Chinese has a strong argument, its falling prices. As if this is not enough, the French are also being attacked from above with the Tesla Model 3, whose prices have just melted. Therefore, Megane is caught between two types of competition, which may alienate a good part of its customers.

The top MG4 remains cheaper than the base Megane

On the one hand, therefore, there are those who cannot resist the MG4’s price argument. Even if there is a price increase on MG on January 1st (+ 1000 euros), these remain weapons. The MG4 starts at €29,990 compared to €39,000 for the Megane. In both cases, this corresponds to the “off” technical version.

But even in that regard, the MG4’s spec sheet is more flattering. At €29,990, it has a 170 hp unit and a battery that provides 350 km of mixed WLTP autonomy. The Megane has a range of 302 km with 130 horsepower and a 40 kWh battery.

And side equipment, there is nothing cheap about the MG4. As standard, driving assistance in traffic jams, intelligent high beams, attention sensor, 10.25-inch touch screen… Megane’s mechanical air conditioning works in automatic mode. The latter also lacks automatic high beams.

The problem for Renault is that the MG4 drives the point home with the ‘top-of-the-line’ version costing €35,990, which is still less than the base Megane. We’ve got a 204bhp engine, a 64kWh battery with a range of 450km and enhanced equipment with 360° vision, heated front seats and even a heat pump. For similar autonomy, the Megane starts at 42,000 euros (with a 220 hp engine)!

Everyone agrees on Tesla’s data sheet

And there we happen to be approaching the price of the Tesla Model 3! Because this is good news for the start of 2023. Tesla has just dropped the prices of its sedan. Overnight, the rear-wheel drive version went from €53,490 to €44,990. This is 8500 € less. And this reduction allows him to benefit again from the €5,000 bonus, almost all of the Megane assistance (your price must be below €47,000).

Suffice it to say, with this price drop, the comparison is painful for the Megane. Because Tesla announces 491 km of autonomy, while Renault covers a distance of 470 km with a more simple-looking optimized variant. And Tesla’s maximum charging power is 170 kW versus 130 kW for Renault. Added to this is a more generous measure for Americans, which is thus more welcoming.

Moreover, while still in its infancy, the Megane already suffered from this comparison, with the Tesla costing €43,800 at the beginning of January 2022. But its prices rose over the course of a few months, giving Renault some air and as a result its price went up. prices for the first time last December.

Well-maintained Megane, made in France

And then what can be left in the Megane? Even if the Megane has some advantages in its pocket at this point, such as 22kW of alternating current charging, on paper there is no longer a match with the items on the spec sheet. Behind the wheel, the Megane also offers great driving pleasure.

The French still have real arguments and rational arguments to make! When faced with the Model 3, the Megane could achieve better production quality. This is a real shortcoming of Tesla, whose products regularly hold unpleasant surprises for its buyers, especially in terms of assembly.

On the same subject, if the MG4 is priced right, Renault has put the small pots on the big presentation side, knowing that a turnaround is expected at this point. With attention to materials and small details, the Megane gives a very good impression of quality. It also includes a successful multimedia system with a high-end OpenR system developed together with Google that is aesthetic, intuitive and at the same time responsive. So the Megane has better ergonomics in the face of a less well-designed touch interface in Chinese.

Another asset of Losange: the network. This is extensive. When concerns arise, Tesla customers may struggle to make their voices heard with a sparse network. Renault means a large number of garages and dealers and a more responsive after sales service. Of course, every garage is different, every customer experience can be different, so we’ll find happy Model 3 owners and frustrated Megane buyers.

We can also make less rational arguments, because after all, buying a car does not only meet objective criteria. So, looking at the MG, the Megane can present a sleeker, more modern look. Thus, the appearance of Renault is very popular. Already the basic version has larger rims (18 inches) and the handles hidden in the silhouette show their effect.

Another subjective argument for Megane: it is made in France. So, plus, lower prices. To accept this is to favor French works, while MG and Tesla come from China.

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