Retromobile 2023. The story of Renault Twingo in an exclusive video

Renault is revisiting the history of the Twingo I for the model’s 30th anniversary at Rétromobile 2023, presenting a refined California tuning prototype alongside limited editions and other noteworthy versions of the city car.



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Renault is showing a wide range of Twingo I at Rétromobile 2023. We tell you about the models in the video.

As promised, Renault is bringing the Twingo’s 30th anniversary celebrations to the 2023 Retromobile February 5 Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles. The manufacturer shows a selection of copies of the first generation of the city car tracing its history, conception and career, but also its future through retrofitting. And Renault reminded us of the dance origin of the model’s name: Twist, Swing and Tango. Discover the unique story of this mini-city car at the Renault booth with Hugues Portron, director of Renault CClassic.

Colorful city car

Visitors to the show will be able to (re)discover what could have been According to Renault, the oldest existing Twingo. This is a pre-production copy with a canvas sunroof that left the factory on April 2, 1992. Everything is already there: bright colors (yellow body, patterned blue-purple upholstery), bright presentation, speedometer digital and width, thanks Especially for the sliding and folding rear seat.

Bright colors, Twingo Benetton has more on board From the Renault stand. Launched in 1996 following Benetton-Renault’s F1 constructors’ and drivers’ titles with Michael Schumacher, this special series features multi-coloured fairings.

When a Twingo thinks it’s a Bugatti

Even more unexpectedly, Renault Twingo Lecoq comes to our fond memories. Introduced by bodybuilder and car restorer André Lecoq at the 1995 Retromobile show. this luxurious limited edition is clearly inspired by Bugatti with a two-tone yellow and black livery with the letter “C” on each side. Upholstered in thicker leather than the original seats, faux burl surrounds the walnut dashboard. A brass plate shows the car’s number and owner’s name. Fewer than 50 were produced.

Return to simplicity with the sixth and final “collection” red version of the Renault Twingo I in Europe, coming full circle for the end of European production of this model. The car continued its career in South America until 2012. total, 2,528,666 copies were produced.

100% cycle Twingo

The first Renault Twingo of the name could have had a sporting career in a marquee coupe like the R8 Gordini or the Clio RS. Three Twingo Coupe prototypes were built, some are equipped with a 1.6 135 hp engine, while others are equipped with a 2.0 150 hp engine. A 1995 2.0 model with a six-speed manual transmission is on display at Rétromobile. Its blue and white color echoes the Gordini models. Its stripped down interior allows it to tow just 810kg.

The Twingo is electric when retrofitted

The third and current generation of the Renault Twingo will be retired in 2024 and will not be directly replaced. However, the first in the line is looking to the future for its 30th anniversary. It is presented in an improved version in the form of a prototype developed by R-Fit specialists. For the relationship, Renault designers gave the city car a “West Coast” look with low ground clearance, gold wheels shod with white wall tires, cream cashmere seats and red leather interior trim that contrasts the gray bodywork. The icing on the cake is gold lettering with gothic lettering here and there, even on the back shelf of the package. Specifications of the retrofit kit, which replaces the internal combustion engine with an electric powertrain, have not yet been released as its development continues. This should allow the “old” Twingo to continue entering city centers during the EPZs era.


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