Google Lens: Image recognition software developed by Google

The world as we know it is changing. The Internet has influenced our habits to such an extent that today we immediately go online to search for a store or restaurant.

Knowing this, developers compete with enthusiasm and imagination to bring to market applications that can simplify our lives. Among them, Google Lens is in good shape.

But basically, what do we really know about this image recognition software developed by Google? Better yet, what benefits does it offer? And above all, how to activate it?

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Google Lens

Google Lens is an application developed by Google to find an object, material or article using the lens of its camera.

Powered by artificial intelligence, it allows internet users to gather as much information as possible in record time.

Its principle of operation is one of the simplest. You have many options to enable it. In addition to its presence in the Google Photos app, you can also access it by going to Google Play. And that’s not all.

You also just need a way to access it in the Google search bar or through the Google Chrome browser. But remember that at each stage you have to follow specific procedures to get there. As proof of this, if you plan to access the application through, for example, Google Photos, you will need:

  • Open as the first reflex;
  • Then select the image;
  • Explore the options offered;
  • Finally select Lens and start searching.

The application will automatically provide you with all the information related to the indexed photo or searched text. If you choose Chrome to do your research, you’ll find a thumbnail camera on the far right of your search bar. Select it, then start searching.

Advantages of Google Lens

As mentioned above, Google Lens is an application that allows you to discover an object, place or information through an image. As a result, it has many advantages for its users. By accepting it, you can collect all the information you need, for example:

  • About an article;
  • A brand;
  • Or just an object with a description.

But not only that. Depending on how you use it, you’ll also be able to get feedback on the place, location or place you want to visit. And that’s not all. Image recognition software also allows you to:

  • Translate the content of the photo;
  • To extract the text embedded in the image;
  • Identify articles and products on the web by photographing them;
  • Search for shops or restaurants using signs;
  • and so on.

Something to make your everyday life easier, right!

Disadvantages of Google Lens

Like other image recognition software or apps, Google Lens isn’t just about benefits. Although the speed of movement is deceiving, the information provided sometimes lacks precision.

Research on this topic proves that it can be trusted only 92%. Although this result may seem gratuitous, you need to be careful, especially when it comes to localization.

Another major downside is that Google Lens is quite invasive. Many users have indeed found the application intruding on their personal data. If you’re concerned about security and data collection, you should probably think about it before using it.

Is Google Lens free?

When asked if Google Lens is free, our answer is clear and unambiguous. Although it has revolutionary features, the software is completely free to date.

In addition, it can be used on an ordinary device as well as with a smartphone. Android phones must have an operating system equivalent to at least 8.0 to take full advantage of these features.

Why use Google Lens?

As previously announced, Google Lens allows you to identify an article, place or object with just one photo. Suffice it to say, it’s a great shortcut to gathering and collecting information.

As proof of this, for example, if you buy a business card, you no longer need to connect your interlocutor’s number yourself. All you have to do is take a picture of the card and the software will do the rest. And if you’re looking for information, the scenario remains the same:

  • book;
  • Plant;
  • Drawing;
  • Store;
  • Restaurant;
  • and so on.

In short, whatever your needs, you’re sure to find all the information you want in record time. Awesome, isn’t it!

Download Google Lens?

Want to use the Google Lens image recognition app? If so, you’ve probably made a great choice. The application not only gives you first-hand information, but also allows you to make your choices based on the opinions left by internet users.

To use these features, Android users can download it from the Play Store. And that’s not all. The app is also available on Google Photos. As mentioned above, it is also found in the Google search bar. There are so many possibilities for you, aren’t there!

Want to have Google Lens on your laptop? If so, there are several options available to you. In addition to its availability through the Google browser (chrome), you can also access it through the web version of Google Photos. To do this, go to, then open your account. Then research from the photo you want.

To search by image, if your browser is different from the following, you must first download the “search by image” extension from Google:

  • chromium;
  • And from Firefox.

This step is done, then select the image, then open the context menu. Then select the “Search image with Google” option and start the search. Google will provide you with all the information about the photo used

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