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Not to mention the Roadster that launched Tesla to the market, it is the fourth model of the American brand to be 100% electric, after the Tesla Model Y, Model S, Model X and Model 3. It also forms the basis of the Model 3. so is his style. But its body panels have been changed and the ground clearance has been raised to make it a family SUV. The main result of these modifications, apart from the transition to the popular segment of consumers, is an increase in the volume of accommodation on board.


After the sedan, the SUV, as the largest Model X SUV coming to power the road sedan, this rule is seen in Tesla, which offers the Model Y in France since 2021, after the sedan of the Model 3 family. Model S. This time the comparison is even more obvious when the slight difference in styling between the Model 3 and Model Y is taken into account. Only the proportions change significantly. We’ll note the more massive, 2.7 cm (16.7 cm) raised ground clearance, the height increased from 1.44 m to 1.62 m, the hard side powered by muscle wings and the appearance of a fake plastic diffuser. It is also six centimeters longer and seven centimeters wider at 4.75m and 1.92m respectively. The same three trims are offered as the Model 3 (Driving, Long Range and Performance).

What is the real range of the Tesla Model Y?

The American brand, whose technical information about the electrical part is still very dark, does not currently provide information on either the power figures or the capacities of its batteries. Two batteries are offered, one on board the “Driving” version, and a more substantial one that powers the other two equipped with a front engine to get four-wheel drive. The declared maximum distances based on the WLTP measurement cycle are 455 km for the first, 533 km for the “Long Distance” version and 514 km for the most powerful “Performance” version.

Technical characteristics

Heavier than the Model 3, the Tesla Model Y inevitably loses autonomy as well as performance. If the powers are not disclosed, the performance indicators are on the other side. With a single engine on the rear axle, the Model Y accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of 217 km/h. That’s 0.8 seconds slower than the equivalent Model 3, and 8 km/h slower.

The Long Range Model Y maintains a top speed of 217 km/h, but accelerates to 100 km/h in 5 seconds. The Propulsion version performs this exercise in 3.7 seconds and can reach 250 km/h.

In terms of weight, from the entry-level Propulsion to the higher Performance version, the Model Y weighs 1,909 kg, 1,979 kg and 1,995 kg. Compared to the Model 3, that’s 157kg, 149kg and 159kg more weight for the electric SUV.

Direct current charging powers do not change: 170 kW for the smallest battery and 250 kW with the largest (Great autonomy and performance).


Thanks to its tailgate, access to the rear trunk is easy. The windows are tinted to compensate for the lack of a boot lid. The volume of the luggage in front increases by 117 liters, and behind the back seat at least 854 liters. The American Model Ys is offered as a seven-seat option, keeping 363 liters of luggage space, not even counting what’s under the hood.

Legroom is larger, as is the roof protector, and the back of the center console is more hollowed out for the feet of the center passenger. The seats are also raised in all rows.

The fixed panoramic glass roof is now in one piece with a thick pillar above the rear passengers. The reclining bench seat reduces roof space when folded down, and rear visibility is quite limited with the small rear window.

The rest of the cabin is otherwise the same, with the famous 15-inch central touchscreen for devices and multimedia, very few buttons, an elegant atmosphere and a choice between black or white upholstery (€1,190). Build quality matches that of the Model 3 produced at launch, showing improvements in assemblies and certain materials used.

How much does the Tesla Model Y cost?

Prices at Tesla fluctuate and tend to rise. For example, in Model 3, they have become more expensive than 10,000 euros. The Long Range version of the Model Y has seen a price increase of €5,000 since the model’s debut, and is currently priced at €64,990. Model Y Performance is offered from €69,990 for its part. The arrival of the “Propulsion” version is more recent. Surprisingly, the Model Y is always more expensive than the Model 3, and this is confirmed in the most powerful engines, but the Model Y Propulsion model is under 3,500 euros. At €49,990, it is currently the cheapest Tesla in the catalog.

The Model Y is being built in Fremont, California, Shanghai, China and Berlin, Germany at the new Gigafactory opening in 2022.

Our opinion

Family outings were previously catered for by the American manufacturer’s Model X, but the Model Y is meant to be less bulky and more spacious in terms of interior volume, as it is by far the benchmark in its category in terms of cargo space. . With us, it can’t hold more than five people, which makes more room for the Model X. In terms of on-board experience and driving, we’re closer to the Model 3, which has the same interior presentation and very similar exterior. Heavier, bigger, definitely less efficient than the latter, saves less energy and has a larger turning circle, 12.1m. However, a well-maintained chassis for very direct steering and very good handling feel. Firm suspension emphasizes handling. But is it relevant for a family car as it affects comfort? Although less aesthetic, standard 19-inch wheels are recommended. You’ll still have to get used to the regenerative braking, which doesn’t adjust as soon as you let off the accelerator, and the rather powerful regenerative braking, as well as the over-centered ergonomics on the screen for some driving-related functions. he thought. As for other functions, this large 15-inch central screen in the middle of the blank dashboard has it all: display size, responsiveness, readability. Loud voice control or the easiest way to find charging stations also makes it easier to use and simplifies the ecosystem around the electric car.

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