Bugatti W16 Mistral takes its first steps in Japan

Bugatti W16 Mistral Japan

The Bugatti W16 Mistral has arrived in Asia, a new leg of its world tour that started in North America this summer, followed by Europe and the Middle East. Bugatti’s latest roadster is now parked in Tokyo, the world’s most populous city and one of the planet’s most important financial centers.

A dynamic metropolis known for its advanced technology, rich culture and great heritage, Tokyo is a city that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. Visitors can explore temples that are over 1,000 years old and admire some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. W16 Mistral1Showcasing the latest innovations in automotive design based on Bugatti’s more than 100-year history, it feels like a fish in water.

One of their first stops in Japan: Kanda Myojin Temple, one of Tokyo’s oldest temples. Its timeless architectural style makes it stand out in the extreme modernity of the metropolis. Years of tradition blend harmoniously with the latest technologies here, as in the W16 Mistral.

The W16 Mistral also passed through Oishi Park overlooking Lake Kawaguchi with Mount Fuji in the background. Here, between the dog and the wolf, the “X”-shaped taillight before dusk acts as a beacon that paves the way for tomorrow’s design.

The W16 Mistral then stopped at Gora Kadan, an international tourism hot spot. A former retreat of the imperial family, Gora Kadan is a harmonious blend of nature – with its natural hot springs – tradition and luxury, and awakens the five senses. Named after the strong wind blowing from the Rhone valley to the Mediterranean Sea, the W16 Mistral is also directly inspired by nature, while also recalling the tradition of Bugatti, in particular the gear lever, which features the ‘Dancing Elephant’ sculpture by Rembrandt Bugatti. , Ettore’s brother.

In 2021, a Bugatti showroom was opened in Tokyo under the leadership of Sky Group, the official partner of Bugatti. With a portfolio of key luxury brands, the group has accumulated decades of experience to satisfy the demands and wishes of its customers. On the occasion of its visit to Japan, the W16 Mistral took center stage in the Bugatti showroom, and the brand’s customers were invited to an official launch party held at a nearby world-famous star-studded restaurant.

Kostas Psarris, Bugatti’s Regional Director for Asia and the Middle East: “Bugatti has always felt at home in Tokyo and Japan. Our brand is guided by both our traditions and the latest advances in technology, engineering and design. The W16 Mistral perfectly embodies our values, which stem from a long line of legendary Bugatti roadsters and always push the boundaries of the imagination to achieve unparalleled levels of performance and luxury. It is an honor to explore the gems of Japan and share our latest creations with Bugatti’s international customers in Tokyo. Many of our customers here are among the most passionate Bugatti collectors in the world. Japan is also one of the countries where we supply the most hyper sports cars. »

The Bugatti W16 Mistral and its 1,600 horsepower emblematic W16 four-turbo engine mark the last appearance on the road. It combines Bugatti’s unrivaled performance with a timeless design steeped in both great modernity and strong heritage.

After the visit to Tokyo, the W16 Mistral will continue its world tour to the island of Singapore.

Highly regarded by collectors around the world, 99 copies of the W16 Mistral were sold even before the car’s official launch. Roadster configurations will start with customers in Molsheim this year.

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