These 10 tips will help you eat more vegetables

Your best decision in 2023 is to have a balanced diet. And to achieve this, there is nothing better than consuming more vegetables. Discover our 10 tips to help you eat more. And you will see that vegetables are synonymous with pleasure and flavor when prepared with love.

It changes every year accompanied by making good decisions for next year. If some people decide to get back to the gym, quit smoking, travel the world, or even enjoy their family more, other people matter. change eating habits. Thought? Eat a more balanced diet.

Our mission for 2023 is to help you eat more vegetables if you will. Why? Because vegetables great for health due to its richness in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. If they are restore our energy and immune systemthey also help us better digestion. In short, they do us good and we love them.

for several years the vegetable becomes the star our friends are restaurateurs. Chiefs decided to put in the center of the plate. And to achieve this they play with its texture as well as its taste. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find dishes with raw or cooked vegetables and vegetables in all forms (pickles, pickles, etc.) on restaurant menus. There are many healthy and tasty preparations that you can easily reproduce at home. Because yes, vegetables are not bland steamed items.

Cauliflower, leeks, zucchini, eggplant, even artichokes, the list of vegetables for every season is long. That’s why we decided to share our thoughts with you 10 tips to help you eat more vegetables. You will see, after that you will not be able to do without it!

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Our 10 tips for eating more vegetables

1 – Buy seasonal vegetables
Famous for being tastier, they will make you want to try: tomatoes in summer, leeks in winter, artichokes in spring or pumpkins in autumn. Be sure to consult seasonal fruit and vegetable calendars to make sure you’re buying in season.

2 – Edit your favorite recipes
Instead of making your favorite preparations with ordinary ingredients, bring more originality by making them with vegetables from time to time. For example: replace your fries with celery fries. For your shepherd’s pie, bet on pumpkin or carrot. Add beets to your chocolate chip muffins or start making carrot cake.

3 – Store vegetables in the freezer to eat all year round
Why not peel and chop your vegetables to keep in the fridge? A good way to consume vegetables all year round, even when it’s not in season. For example, you can eat squash in the fall, leeks in the summer, green beans in the winter, and even squash in the spring. This technique also prevents vegetables from going to waste and fights against wastage.

4 – Offer vegetables as an aperitif
There is nothing better than tasting vegetables from the beginning of a meal. Cucumbers or carrots cut into strips, radishes or cherry tomatoes, it’s up to you to change tastes. A healthy and fresh touch that can be accompanied by good homemade dips.

5 – Make vegetable dips or hummus
Consider making vegetable dips or hummus to accompany your vegetables during your future aperitifs. Artichokes, beets or red beans, the options are many and delicious.

6 – Eat more soup
We love to enjoy good hot soups in winter. The ability to prepare them with fresh vegetables and change recipes. Carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, cabbage, leeks, celery, etc. you are spoiled for choice! The advantage of soup is that you can add small ingredients that give it a tastier side. For example, you can top it with spices such as small garlic croutons, pumpkin seeds, toasted sesame seeds, coconut cream or even curry.

7 – Bet on vegetable gratins
Winter is known to be the season of comfort food. Among them we find gratin. To avoid making a gratin dauphinois or macaron every time, why not make a vegetable gratin instead. There are many gourmet recipes: spinach, cauliflower and broccoli, zucchini or even leeks. Another possible option: replace wheat pasta with vegetable pasta (coral lentils, split peas, spinach, beets, tomatoes).

8 – Prefer a vegetable snack
When we’re about to grab our little breakfast or post-meridian snack, we gravitate toward sweets. What if we changed this habit from time to time and went with vegetables instead? For example, you can eat cherry tomatoes, carrots, chocolate and beetroot cake or eggplant caviar.

9 – Eat vegetables for breakfast
Do you eat a slice of butter with jam or spread every morning? And if you make more veggie toast this morning. If some people are already fans of avocado toast, it’s not too late to start. You can spread vegetable hummus on your bread and add tomatoes and cucumbers when the season comes. Another possible option is a recipe that comes to us from Spain: pan con tomate. Nothing could be simpler: a slice of bread, a tomato coulis and a drizzle of olive oil.

10 – Drink vegetable juices and smoothies
Spinach, carrots or even cucumbers can be consumed in the form of vegetable juice or smoothies. A good way to change up from the traditional strawberry/banana smoothie that allows you to eat veggies. You have a recipe for a vitamin cocktail mixed with fruit, which you can not do without.

As you understand, you need to add more vegetables to your diet synonymous with greed and pleasure. A good way to have a balanced diet without depriving yourself.

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