Twitter would lose 80% of its workforce since Elon Musk’s arrival, and currently has 1,300 employees, which may limit the number of new features it launches.

Social media giant Twitter has been making headlines ever since Elon Musk took over, and today we’re seeing some interesting statistics about the company’s current headcount.

According to the latest analysis, at least 80% of the workforce has disappeared and the current workforce is only 1,300 active workers.

Other figures show that there are currently 550 full-time engineers. This means that the people working in this position are very scattered. There will likely be more issues than before, which may limit the number of new features released.

About 75 of the 1,300 employees are on leave, which includes about 40 engineers. Additionally, the Trust and Security team, which is responsible for developing the company’s policy recommendations and modifying products, adds that the overall goal is to make users feel as safe as possible.

Currently, numerous internal documents prove that 1,400 employees are not working but are still receiving their salaries. They are not required to restore their previous functions. Many employees resigned when Musk made a promise at the company asking them to continue working hard and fulfilling their long-hour commitments.

Earlier Saturday, Musk said the platform had a total of 2,300 employees. At the same time, hundreds of others work in the same way, but with several thousand subcontractors.

Elon Musk’s leadership has had its ups and downs, one of which is changing the workforce through massive layoffs. Among the many layoffs that followed was the introduction of a no-work-from-home policy. This policy was established when Jack Dorsey was the CEO of the company, but the billionaire did not hesitate for a second to get rid of this clause.

Last year, before Elon Musk began buying the tech company for $44 billion, the company’s workforce had shrunk to just 7,500 employees. But another interesting point worth noting here is how the layoffs continue regardless of whether or not Musk joins the executive board.

Musk scaled back the program a bit more than expected, and that’s why it made headlines. The news was confirmed by internal documents and the appearance of two newly appointed employees.

According to an engineer who left the company, the loss of workforce and downsizing will make it difficult to maintain the service reliably while working to build new features.

A person who remains anonymous says that the company’s code base is standard and that they need more knowledge of other applications and related programming languages ​​to be part of different parts of the application.

Along with this news, another very important information is related to the billionaire who allowed 130 people from other companies like Tesla to work on Twitter.

Sources: CNBC, Elon Musk

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