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Sergio Perez, the right-hand man of on-track defense minister Max Verstappen and the most successful Mexican in Formula 1 history, is a patient driver with four wins in 235 starts and his first success in his 190th attempt. Here’s a look at the five best moments of his career Checo.

His first victory in Sahir

A driver of undeniable talent, Checo Sakhir had to wait until 2020 to open the victory counter in the premier category. At the wheel of Racing Point, the Mexican clashed with Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) from the beginning of the race.

Perez reacts immediately. He pits, changes tire strategy, finds the track dead last on the grid… and starts. rose exceptional. At 60 laps, he regained third place behind one-man Valtteri Bottas and George Russell. Mercedes rolls in for a finish or two…until she messes up her own brushes. Or rather wheels. They give the lead of the Grand Prix to Perez, who drives his pink car as far as he can to the finish line. Behind Esteban Ocon (Renault) could not compete.

This performance ends the inexhaustible scarcity Checo. We had to wait for her 190th start in the queen category. He was left out for the following season before Red Bull saw him as the perfect teammate for Dutch colt Max Verstappen.

After the race, he admitted to himself that he appeared to him ” dead from the first laps, but Perez is a master at starting from the bottom and finishing at the top. In 2022 in Silverstone (England) he proves it once again. Once again, a collision with Leclerc caused him to fall to the back of the grid, forcing him to change his front wing. At the end of the race dominated by Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), he took Red Bull to the second step of the podium.

2022 Monaco Grand Prix

The 2022 Monaco Grand Prix will undoubtedly remain among the best memories of the Mexican’s sporting career. ” A dream come true for the pilot, boldly to all the elements of the principality. Still, nothing gave him the win until the lights went out.

On Saturday, he qualified third behind a red wall of two Ferraris, leading Charles Leclerc. But the rain invites itself to Gaya and the strategic game between Scuderia and Red Bull begins. When the Reds slowed the Monegasque with a double pit stop, the Austrian team often won with Sergio Perez leading the way.

Then the victory remained in the hands of a Checo while driving gracefully, the tires sag noticeably. Carlos Sainz could do nothing to save the honor of the Reclining Horse. The Iberian can only see the victory lap of the Red Bull driver flying his national flag.

He becomes the most successful Mexican in the history of Formula 1. His third career success, his first behind the wheel of the RB18, his teammate closing out the podium. The success that Peres largely celebrates…

… But whose taste was spoiled a posteriori. While his qualifying crash in Monaco ended the session decisively, he also overturned Max Verstappen’s lap with a marked improvement. After several meetings, the incident turned into a fire in Brazil. The Dutchman blames his team-mate for deliberately causing the qualifying session to end, thus saving the advantage of track position for the next day. Revenge: Verstappen refused to give way to the Mexican at the end of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, denying Guadalajara valuable points to take runner-up honours.

Sergio Perez during his victory in Monaco. © Antonin Vincent / DPPI

His “best performance” in Singapore

The 2022 season has been a successful one for Checo, the king of street circuits. Singapore poleman Charles Leclerc thought he was calm with Max Verstappen starting from the middle of the grid. But Sergio Perez’s threat collapsed on the Monegasque from the start, with Checo diving in to take the lead… and never relinquishing it. The track dries up, the pressure mounts and the chaos in Singapore provokes several Safety Cars that will have the Mexicans investigated by the marshals at the end of the event. After a 5 second penalty, Checo is well and truly winning and showing its dominance on city tracks.

Already at the beginning of the season, he scored his first pole in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), becoming the 103rd driver in Formula 1 history to dominate a qualifying session. He will have to wait for 215 Grands Prix to have this new streak on his list.

Malaysia 2012, on the verge of victory

Perez made his debut in Formula 1 in 2011. Since 2012, he has distinguished himself by his ability to control his wheels. A trait that would follow him throughout his career to this day. And in the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix, it will be especially useful for him.

Then the Sauber driver managed to lift his single-seater in Q3 of the Mexican qualifying session. Which was already a great performance. It was placed on the exhaust pipe of Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari and will remain there until the end of the race.

The start is made under the rain that will intensify. Checo he is the first to enter the pits to get rid of his intermediaries and put on rain tires. What would his rivals do a few laps later and the first red flag of the race would see Perez finish fourth.

The event resumed, he took the lead for the first time in a Formula 1 Grand Prix thanks to the pit stops of the drivers in front of him. But Alonso came back, overtook him, and despite his flawless performance, the then 22-year-old Mexican’s derailment decisively denied him the chance to win. It would be his first of 26 career podiums, tied for second for his current streak.

First podium for Force India

After a poor season at McLaren, Perez was picked up by Force India for the 2014 campaign. Alongside more regular Nico Hulkenberg, Checo he struggles at first to restore his image. But the Bahrain incident will give colors to the pilot.

Pushing to prove his skills on the track, he overtook his team-mate brilliantly. But it was not a quiet success for Checo, who was deprived of the Safety-Car that put him in a delicate position in the last two laps. He retained his third place, leaving Hülkenberg in 5th place.

A great performance, a whiff of revenge and a possible comeback. ” This podium means a lot to me. I had a difficult time at McLaren because I was far away and had no chance of a podium., he said at the end of the race. He finished 10th in the drivers’ standings at the end of the 2014 season, one length behind his teammate.

Checo Celebrates the new year with Red Bull. The team, on the strength of its second consecutive Drivers’ title and a new Constructors’ title, its first since 2013. The goal of the 2023 campaign: a new consecration combined with a double reward for drivers.

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