Enjoy a traditional Easter meal with your family!

Easter is fast approaching. It’s time to start preparing the menu. For a traditional holiday and friendly Easter meal, we reveal recipes and traditions that should be respected. Eggs, lamb or chocolate, make the best recipes to celebrate Easter as it is!

We all look forward to Easter is one of the favorite gatherings of children and gourmands. Egg hunt, good meals to share with the family at home and tasting chocolate, nothing better! It is a joyous occasion shared with equal enthusiasm by young and old alike.

Easter is originally a Christian holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Who says life, says gastronomy! This is a great shortcut, we present to you. But life is better when we share delicious food with our loved ones.
Why do Easter eggs ? In Christian countries, the tradition was to serve hard-boiled and colored chicken eggs. Since egg production was abundant and Easter was immediately after Lent (Christian fasting), they had to be consumed to avoid discarding them. Today there are eggs served on the Sunday of the holiday chocolate. And for the lucky ones, it’s not just one… Some countries decorate eggs, some make rabbit decorations in the garden, traditions a lot!
After Christmas, Easter is the most chocolate-buying French holiday! found in the formeggof rabbit or chicken.

What do we traditionally eat on Easter? the Easter menu is usually made aroundthe lamb. Leg, shoulder or rack, the choice is yours. The seasonal products are proud of asparagus and pea for example. the chocolate inevitable for dessert!

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For a friendly aperitif

L’aperitif before a long meal, it has the role of making us mouth watering. So watch out little appetites and gourmands! Rushing to the aperitif can be fatal… Go slowly, you have to leave room for the rest of the meal. As an aperitif, we offer recipes around eggs, such as quail eggs with bread or poached eggs in smoked salmon boxes. Switch egg types and cooking methods to impress! It’s spring and this season, we swear by asparagus! Light in cream or cake and perfect as an aperitif. If you want to play the authenticity card, make a choice chickpea guacamole, seasonal and super good. The secret of goat cheese/carrot spreads on good bread.

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For a smooth entry

The beginning is the first impression of the food. So you have to put the small plates on top of the big ones! Unless you’re making an aperitifEaster dinner more important than anything else. You will find the essentials in the recipes offered to you Berrixon Easter Pie. It’s a bit heavy, so advice: be careful with the quantities. If you want a super simple and quick recipe, scrambled eggs will save you time with goat cheese and bacon bits! Another egg recipe for starters:boiled egg in a salad on a bed of lentils. This title sounds like a gourmet and complicated dish, but it’s actually a simple recipe! Easter is the perfect meal to make kids eat carrots (and make them cuter)! Fire is all they see to hide them, carrot bread with cumin and goat cheese will defeat them. with a little comfort pea/bacon veloute that we never get tired. Finally, if you love asparagus, add some spiciness to it by shredding it!

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For a hearty and delicious lamb dish

Of course,the lamb here The star of the Easter dinner traditional for centuries. Therefore, we are obliged to offer ourselves to you 6 best recipes with this meat. This is the traditional recipe Gigot from 7 Hours. Mustard neck, lamb confit, navarin, lamb with honey and thyme, lamb with port sauce and baked potatoes, you have a wide choice. lamb recipes, they all taste the same. There is no secret. If you want the meat to be tender and tender, it is important to feed it slow and gentle cooking.

For the perfect accompaniment

L’accompaniment not to rush. If you want to please everyone, potato gratin When there is a lack of ideas, the solution will be unanimous. Stay on an escort potatomake dauphin potatoes Children’s favorite! Otherwise, Potato pancakes more original. Some will want to rely more on accompanying vegetables. Between the aperitif, the starter and the meat, our stomachs are quickly full. A little vegetables will only do good. Carrot puree Where vegetable gardener, You choose! For true gourmets who are not afraid of anything, how about a asparagus and Roquefort gratin ? Trust us, it’s delicious (and ready in 25 minutes!).

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For a lighter meatless meal

Is finishing a meal complicated for you? We have recipes for you. Choose our selection for a more airy and soft dish meatless recipes ! It is convenient if you or your guests vegetarians. Pie spinach/ricotta or cake with asparagus for one Passover meal consistent, but not too much. It will also be peak season artichoke ! A simple and cheerful meal as in the recipe poivrade artichoke pasta will make people happy. the pea risotto where Asparagus mix with feta and basil perfect for those who love meatless food. we advise Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie food lovers!

For a gourmet dessert

It ends well sweet note important! Easter, recipes desserts from the lightest and most refreshing to the most gourmet and chocolaty. Aren’t you hungry anymore? You will still have a small space rhubarb syrup or Strawberry Nage with lime and basil. These are seasonal fruits you’ll find their good taste increases tenfold and you won’t be able to do without them. the Easter carrot cake It is a very good recipe for eating carrots until dessert without kids (and adults) noticing! After all, what’s better than making it beautiful cakes for dessert? You can do them together with the kids to have a great time. Desert rose in chocolate grains, lamb shaped cake and eggshell marble cake !

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You hold all the keys to development Easter menu perfect. from’aperitif with dessert, can’t go wrong! So dig ours the best recipes to offer great food for you family and with regard to your friends Easter.

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