Climate delirium: Microsoft will shut down your Xbox console

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, Microsoft announced that Xbox is now the best the first carbon neutral video game console. Reading between the lines of the press release published by the firm’s Technical Program Manager Blaine Hauglie, the message is quite clear: an update will soon be rolled out to limit the emissions that all Xbox users create when they play games. and they will have no choice but to obey.

Citizens in the West have been subjected to dire propaganda messages for months instilling the idea that fighting global warming is a shared responsibility. A multinational computer is probably a partner in this synchronized propaganda by pro-climate governmentstook the first step on the way to control freedoms.

Turn off your Xbox to help the planet: a funny solution

Like the Covid-19 pandemic in its day, global warming has a good back. It’s an excuse for liberticidal drifts that would have been completely unimaginable even a decade ago. turn off your electrical appliances without your consent for example. Because yes, Microsoft will cut it in its next update to put Xbox in mode turn off (this is equivalent to stopping the console remotely to use less power). This initiative is admirable on paper, but when you think about it, it seems downright burlesque!

Indeed, according to Microsoft data, an Xbox Series X using instant boot (which allows the machine to start up in seconds instead of 45 seconds for power-saving mode) would consume an average of 153 W in-game. Using the Xbox Running at full throttle for 3 hours each day, the X series consumes approximately 167 kWh per year, which is much lower than the average annual per capita consumption of an electric water heater (800 kWh). As an indication, according to EDF’s regulated tariffs, in terms of strictly consumed energy, the annual use of the Xbox Series X will cost you 24 euros.

Global warming: Why is attacking gamers abnormal?

While it’s always great for players to tackle global warming and be willing to make sacrifices for the planet, put things in context :

  • We have already proven in a dossier that 80% of a console’s environmental impact is related to its production.
  • Playing online consumes less data than watching Netflix in HD: will Netflix be cut off soon while watching a series?
  • Some gamers don’t play much, first of all you need to be interested in the number of hours of using the console in a year.
  • According to EDF data, multimedia devices account for only 13.5% of French residential electricity consumption.
  • France is responsible for only 1% of CO2 emissions globally. What if we instead sanctioned the major polluters: China, the US, and India?
  • What if we ask billionaires and footballers to park their private jets in the garage (a private jet emits 14 times more CO2 than an online jet)?

One small step for the machine, one giant leap for the surveillance society

With the World Economic Forum, the annual gathering of the globalized caste, now in full swing in Davos, it’s no surprise that Microsoft has so clearly positioned itself as the standard bearer in the fight against global warming. After all, isn’t Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, a key participant in the Davos Forum chaired by Klaus Schwab? an organization that dictates to governments the decisions they must makeWhere at least directs and influences climate skeptics despite being made up of members who are not elected by the peoples of the world and have been trying to silence climate skeptics since 2018?

Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, is a well-known member of the Davos Forum.

That’s one of the problems with the new Xbox update democratizing proprietary software that offers full control to the vendor, but not only. Another major problem is the extreme bias towards annual subscriptions.

Today, Microsoft can cause the Xbox to shut down completely by default (although the sleep option can be re-enabled in Settings). But how can one not imagine an Xbox subscription that will be paid for with CO2 credits in the future? After your Xbox, wouldn’t it be possible to turn off your computer, smartphone, or even your electric car (a real trick of the 21st century) “because of the climate”? Klaus Schwab likes to say: “You will have nothing and you will be happy.” Don’t expect Microsoft to oppose Communism 2.0.

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