What new features are on the horizon (2023-2025)?

What innovations can we expect in the Bugatti series for the next few years? Sport Auto takes a look at what the Molsheim manufacturer has in store for us by flying the flag alongside Rimac.

Coming out of the island prosperous year 2022 For Bugatti, both in terms of selling hypercars and launching derivatives to a (very) select public, let’s see medium term future for Molsheim workshop.

Bugatti works very well…

Despite the rather limited range, understand « exclusive“, Bugatti working behind the scenes. Among the hundred copies of the Chiron line, not yet produced, its release the ultimate roadster W16 Mistral and its “track rider” Bolide, the brand has enough to deal with for several years.

If we don’t move forward, we risk regressing. And New alliance with Rimac it is based on a common desire to mingle prestigious car and continuous energiesLike the last Nevera that Nico Rosberg struggled to tame…

It will come in cooperation with Rimac

It’s hardly new: Bugatti and Croatian brand Rimac joined forces in 2022 to form a new entity, Bugatti Rimac. Porsche and Volkswagen group.

From new synergies We learned that this partnership creates new generation hypercars will be imagined in one of two brands A new engineering and design center in Berlin.

This new berlin center not just the house design and engineering teamsbut also other functions Bugatti Rimacincluding procurement, finance, program management, IT, legal and marketing.

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The new Bugatti: what do we know?

whom Motor sports I told you about it here the next hypercar The place imagined by Bugatti should be proudhybridizationA first in the Molsheim range.

This technological transition was confirmed by early 2022 Friend Rimac from to our colleaguesCar News Europewith an additional statement: Abandonment of the W16 engine!

In an interview with our colleagues Rimacat the head of the joint venture, he was spoiled on a few details Bugatti, confirms that the next hypercar will be “highly electrified but not electric”. A deadline that may appear in the future, but not today.”

“When people see the next generation of Bugatti, I think they’ll be surprised that I’m supporting something like this, because it’s the first time I’ve been involved with electric cars.” explains.

“But I’ve always been passionate about performance and cars. Considering the brand, the customers and the available technology, I think we are developing the best possible solution for Bugatti. »

According to the latest rumor from the corridor, The new Bugatti is expected by 2024 and should be break the codesespecially in terms of design.

“It’s going to be incredible in terms of scale, technology, innovation, unpredictability,” he said Frank HaleBugatti Deputy Design Director, to our colleaguesTrainer. “People will be amazed and it’s a real joy to work on this project. »

Can Bugatti make an SUV?

The question seems logical, too premium builders have mastered the fashion SUVpreferably equipped with a set of engines that tend towards the righthybridization. after Lamborghini or Aston Martin, Ferrari joined the club with the new Purosangue. So why not a Bugatti?

Well no! The blue badge brand will continue to resist the invader again and again. Here’s what was said design director from Bugatti, Achim Anscheidtin the columnsTrainer :

We always wondered what the second model line could be. But we also thought; we won’t start to sell brands? What to do with this valuable logo? Isn’t such a step too cruel to sell the emblem for several figures? »

“I’ve always been a big fan of balance, I haven’t forgotten the roots of business or [créer] something more exclusive. This means that if you go for more volumes, you should be more exclusive on the other hand. »

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