Azure, Teams, Outlook… why is the Microsoft cloud down around the world?

Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure, Outlook… All of Microsoft’s cloud services have experienced a global outage. Find out the cause and effect of this breakdown and the conclusions to be drawn.

with More than 500 million users and Microsoft Azure, with 15 million enterprise customers, is the second most used cloud after Amazon Web Services. In 2022, according to BofA Global Research, its global market share will reach 30%.

On January 25, 2023 The global outage affected all services came off the platform and created a huge domino effect. Many companies that depend on this cloud are paralyzed for hours…

This serious event is associated with a year Network connection problem on WAN From Microsoft. According to the firm, this concern affected communication between Internet customers and Azure and Data Center services.

A little later, Microsoft announced on Twitter that it had canceled the network change identified as the cause of failure. It says it is using additional infrastructure to speed up the recovery process.

The exact number of users affected by this breach is currently unknown. However, it reveals Downdetector, a website dedicated to tracking down websites thousands of reports around the world.

Many companies were affected by the outage of Microsoft 365, Teams and Azure

They encountered users during this outage problems in messagingjoin calls or use Microsoft Teams features.

Many users took to Twitter to share their plight. the Hashtag #MicrosoftTeams quickly rose in the trends of the social network (which probably made Elon Musk, the owner of the bluebird and Bill Gates’s arch-rival, laugh…).

with More than 280 million users on a daily basis, Teams has truly become an important platform in many companies and other schools. This service allows them to call, schedule their meetings and use the workflow.

Many banks were also affected. In particular, bankers use Microsoft Teams to communicate with their clients, and telecommuters use Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other. Frankfurt’s Commerzbank AG specifically said it was investigating a number of technical issues Microsoft was facing.

Other Microsoft cloud services affected by this outage include Outlook Mailbox, Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Power BI business intelligence platform, OneDrive for Business and other Microsoft 365 applications.

According to Azure’s status page, cloud services are affected in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. Alone Platforms for services and governments in China has not failed.

Fortunately, this accident is a priori for everyone since the end of the morning. Restoring the full Wide Area Network (WAN) network resolved the issue. The Microsoft cloud services are working again normally.

Is the golden age of the cloud already over?

Fortunately for Microsoft, this failure is happening immediately after the announcement of financial results Second quarter on January 24, 2023. For the third quarter, the firm expects about $22 billion in cloud revenue.

But he confirmed fear of growth retardation customers in this sector are trying to reduce costs. Like other tech giants, Microsoft has also announced Laying off 10,000 workers this is equivalent to 5% of its workforce.

This isn’t the first time the cloud platform has crashed, and Azure has had several outages in 2022. However, the consequences of these events are increasingly large At a time when many companies are embracing this technology to replace their on-premises infrastructure…

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