So what’s different about Tesla’s new Cybertruck windshield?

At its launch in November 2019, Tesla’s Cybertruck made an impression, especially with its very simple lines. But the presentation did not go as planned and windowswindows unbreakable armor” Armored glass “He did not withstand the impact of the bullet MetalMetalcausing momentary embarrassment….

However, Tesla continues to work on this point and last month received a patent in the US for a new process for manufacturing the windshield of an electric pickup after it was approved in Europe. Describes the process of creating a document ” glass constructions carcar with characteristic curves and lines “.

A very small radius of curvature to create characteristic lines

Tesla plans to use laserlaser heating the glass before bending to create a curve with a radius of two millimeters to five centimeters. The patent shows that current methods can only produce glass with a radius of curvature between one and three meters for use in cars. Tesla specifies that the method can be used with glass in one layer or with a layer separated by several layers. polymerpolymer.

This method is also not limited to the windshield. The patent also suggests that it could be used for side windows as well as dashboards or various instruments. According to the latest information, the first Cybertrucks should arrive at the end of the year, three years after the launch.

Cybertruck: New images and surprises for Tesla’s electric pickup truck

Although the exact production date of Tesla’s Cybertruck is not yet known, the development of the firm’s first electric pickup truckElon MuskElon Musk looks closer to the serial version.

article Mark ZaffagniMark ZaffagniPublished on 30.01.2022

Unofficial images and videos posted on the Cybertruck owners club forum show that Tesla’s Cybertruck has undergone several notable upgrades. Given its authenticity, these photos reveal several important new features in the Cybertruck’s design, including a pair of exterior mirrors. Their stylestyle are quite conventional surprises, as one would expect Tesla to try to better integrate them into the body design. However, as Electrek points out, the Cybertruck’s rearview mirrors are designed to be easily replaced with cameras if legislation develops in that direction.

Another notable innovation mentioned in the photos of the Cybertruck is the presence of a giant cleaning blade capable of covering the entire surface of the windshield. We also notice the handles the doorsthe doors the retractable (as in the Model S) has completely disappeared. And for good reason, Tesla has decided to remove them and replace them with an automatic opening system when the driver approaches.

This unofficial video reveals what could be a near-production version of Tesla’s Cybertruck, filmed at the Gigafactory currently under construction in Texas. In particular, we can see the addition of exterior mirrors and a wiper blade. © Cybertruck owners club

Cybertruck production has been pushed back to 2023

It appears in new pictures with Cybertruck rims alloyalloy It reminds the models of Model 3. At launch, the electric pickup had aero hubcaps hiding the wheels.

If all these developments are confirmed, this new version of the Cybertruck could well pre-determine the production model. However, its launch is still uncertain. Some time ago, Reuters reported that Tesla decided to postpone it until next year. The Cybertruck must be assembled at the new Gigafactory, which is currently under construction. ConstructionConstruction In Texas.

Tesla Cybertruck: the surprise is there

Article by Mark Zaffagni, 22/11/2019

With a design that some might say right knife run or the stroke of a kindergartener’s pencil, Tesla’s Cybertruck will not leave anyone indifferent. But apart from its unique appearance, what are its arguments for attacking one of the most promising segments of the car market?

When Elon Musk finally unveiled his baby Tesla Cybertruck, he must have been overjoyed. He has been talking about it for almost 7 years, promising something new. In this respect, the mission is completely successful. Cybertruck is a real visual shocker. Sad souls will say that it only took a designer a few minutes to draw these simple and rough lines. More moderate observers will appreciate this kind of boldness, which defies the usual tendency among automakers to rely on ever-familiar aesthetic references. The Cybertruck is unlike any existing production vehicle. Like it or not, the freedom of style it expresses is absolutely refreshing.

But this debate over the aesthetics of the Tesla pickup is ultimately secondary to what’s at stake. Because it is not a supercar produced in a few dozen copies that will be taken away by a handful of great fortunes. Cybertruck is attacking a highly strategic market, especially in the US, where pickups are one of the largest segments, representing several million units annually. Therefore, above all, it is the performance and services as a utility vehicle that will make this pickup a reliable alternative to the existing and future competition.

Electric quad for Cybertruck

Cybertruck claims a range of 400, 500 or 800 kilometers depending on the battery type chosen. It can carry a payload of up to 1.5 tonnes and tow up to 6.3 tonnes in the four-wheel drive version. Elon Musk promised the performance of the Porsche 911. On paper, it looks like Tesla claims a 0-100km/h time of 2.9 seconds, which promises holy grails of acceleration.

A air suspensionair suspension increases ground clearance up to 40 cm. Besides,weatherweather can also be used to power an on-board compressor to operate pneumatic tools used by the circuit. Off-road, the Cybertruck advertises a 35-degree approach angle and a 28-degree departure angle. 110/220 V power sockets are included to connect the tools. The Skep can be configured for a variety of uses, including a sliding flap or a high wind system that turns it into a camping tent with an integrated kitchen. During the presentation of the Cybertruck, Elon Musk also presented electric quadelectric quad in a convenient design that can be mounted on the back of a pickup truck and charge its battery there. No details on its marketing have been released yet.

Same stainless steel as SpaceX Starship

Cybertruck’s styling has a slightly military edge that inspires a sense of ruggedness. This becomes practical with a monocoque hull made from a Stainless steelStainless steel 30X ultra hard cold rolled SpaceXSpaceX he will use it to build his own Starship. To prove his strength, Elon Musk invited one of his fellow strikers to the stage. massmass on a door without the slightest damage.

However, things took a bit of a turn for the worse when the person threw a steel ball at the side windows, which had to withstand violent impacts. Elon Musk clearly expected the same result with the door, but the windows actually broke, prompting a somewhat sheepish laugh from the Tesla boss, who promised to “fix it.” As production won’t start until late 2021 at best, its engineers will have plenty of time to look into it.

Finally, let’s move on to the price of Cybertruck, which also surprised observers. Tesla announced a base price of $39,900 for the all-wheel drive version, $49,900 for the two-engine mid-range four-wheel drive model, and $69,900 for the three-engine one. Prices were quite reasonable for the market, knowing that one of Cybertruck’s main competitors, the Rivian RT1, for example, starts at $69,000. A lot will still change between now and Cybertruck’s launch. But Elon Musk has already succeeded in his bid to shake up the codes.

Summary of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck presentation by The Verge. © The Verge

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