NBA Trade Deadline 2023 – What will the Denver Nuggets do?

With the NBA Trade Deadline fast approaching, the leaders of the 30 franchises are busy making the necessary moves before February 9th. Of course, every team’s situation is different, and that’s why we wanted to create a specific deadline document with the franchise. Presentation issues, issues to watch, intentions in the transfer market… we tell you everything. Denver Nuggets on the menu today


Things are going well in Denver, the Nuggets have been on a good run lately. Before losing to the Thunder (without Jokic or MPJ) two days ago, they had won nine straight games and are playing their best basketball of the season. A Colorado franchise currently led by an increasingly strong Nikola Jokic (who is headed straight for a third straight MVP?). A record of 33 wins and 14 losses, at the very top of the Western Conference. Sixth-best offense (117.2 points per game), fourteenth-best defense (112.9 points against) and possession game (28.8 assists per game, second most in the league) in the NBA. With no word from the Nuggets, who are among the title favorites, Denver could certainly be looking for one or more pieces to have the perfect roster.

But in any case, the Nuggets should not be the most active on February 9.


Little action for Denver, but we remain on the lookout.

If they don’t have exciting assets, the Nuggets have players who can pack their bags by Feb. 9, esp Ish Smith. Bones, a point guard who has already played for 13 different franchises, has seen his playing time decrease significantly since Hyland’s planned emergence. Ish Smith is guaranteed 4.7 million this season, so his departure could reduce the franchise’s Luxury Tax and free up roster space.

If we have to keep another name, it is Zeke Nnaji it seems Despite his potential as a strong rebounder and insider, Nnaji has yet to get regular playing time. He’s a very promising young asset, and if another team is willing to take back a good player (especially a more experienced center), Denver should consider moving him. Nnaji still has two years left on his contract (2.6 million this year, 4.3 million next season), a player who is fully developed and waiting for playing time, there is no doubt that Denver could consider parting with him.

devon reed can also be a nice bargaining chip. The linebacker has an affordable contract ($1.9 million and a non-guaranteed second year) that could be added to any deal. Although he still plays occasionally, Reed doesn’t look like a solid wall in Denver’s rotation. So it would make sense for the Nuggets to trade him if they can get an upgrade in return.


The truth is, the Nuggets are already a solid team with all the weapons at their disposal to compete for a title, and if there is a change, they need to adjust their staff a bit. Therefore, the Colorado franchise was looking for a wing player and/or replacement.

This is the name that came out recently Nerlens Noel. The pivot, who has played sparingly for the Pistons (12 games), is popular among contenders. A good defender, defender of the circle and with the right contract (9.2 million a team selection 9.6 million), so it can support the Joker in the rocket. The Pistons shouldn’t ask for too much to get rid of the pivot, perhaps the right time and the right opportunity for Denver.

Another player who recently returned to the Nuggets side of the rumor mill: Naz Reid. The Timberwolves center will be an unrestricted free agent this summer and could bring his physical density to Denver, which is looking for interior support in Nikola Jokic. This season, Reid is averaging 15.4 points per 26 minutes, but watch out because the Wolves could demand Bones Hyland in a trade, which could stall negotiations.

Text source: Clutch Points, HoopsHype, The Athletic

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