NBA Trade Deadline 2023 – What will the Dallas Mavericks do?

With the NBA Trade Deadline fast approaching, the leaders of the 30 franchises are busy making the necessary moves before February 9th. Of course, every team’s situation is different, and that’s why we wanted to create a specific deadline document with the franchise. Presentation issues, issues to watch, intentions in the transfer market… we tell you everything. The Dallas Mavericks are on the menu today.


Let’s state the terms right up front: The Mavs would be better off trying to get stronger before the deadline. Indeed, the Texans have been carried by all regular Luka Doncic, who tend to find themselves sorely lacking when the playoffs come around. (Hi Jazz and Sun) choked opponents certainly help to get through the rounds. But facing really serious teams like the Clippers or the Warriors, who are in good shape and in full form, the Slovenian bully can’t do it all by himself any more than Jalen Brunson is out of action.

Besides, we’re talking about the Playoffs, but… even as a regular, the Seine-et-Marne number will seriously need some help. Jason Kidd’s players today They are fifth in the Western Conference with 25 wins and 23 losses. Despite Luke Magic averaging 33.6 points and 8.7 assists on 49% shooting this season, the Texans have lost 7 of their last 10 meetings, seeing the top 4 slip away and their chasers close. Apart from the former Madrid player, only Tim Hardaway Jr. (14.1), Spencer Dinwiddie (16.8) and Christian Wood (18.4) averaged over 9 units.

Icing on the cake, cover area The Texas franchise will be as full as Robert Horry’s trophy cabinet next summer. But Luke needs help, and the player and Dallas fans know it. Thus, the trade deadline represents an almost forced transition to significantly improve the workforce.


Christian Wood is one of the candidates to go. The former Rocket is actually at the end of his contract this summer, and the Top Guns board may want to part with him now to avoid losing him against the Minnesota Timberwolves in July. That is, if we are talking about business. Because it is a 27-year-old interior in terms of sports Mavs second scorer this season, as well as a very honest rebounder (8.4) and blocker (1.3). And not to mention that Mark Cuban could get a really significant boost against a player whose contract is up in just a few months. On a small note, friend Christian Bois always has the option of a contract extension in Dallas, which would release him from his contract. free agency next summer.

Another name is regularly mentioned in rumours, o Tim Hardaway Jr. According to reports, Cleveland and Miami have recently been interested in the 30-year-old sniper. However, his contract situation is slightly different than Christian Wood. THJ is still under contract through 2025 and will make about $18 million per season until then. The son of a Heat and Warriors legend can score, but it doesn’t represent the greatest guarantee of reliability (38.7% shooting this season). If the back end is far from passable, all of these elements could prevent Dallas from getting as good a contender as expected.

names Frank Ntilikina, Reggie Bullock and especially Davis Bertans and his contract fraud was also mentioned. If a major transfer opportunity arises for the Mavs, the Latvian could be evacuated, especially to balance the salary.


There are many of them. Almost anything is good for strengthening supporting cast Doncic and front office The Mavs’ wings have eyes all over the place to watch for the slightest good shot to boost the racket or add a second. ball handler in Slovenian. Speaking of strengthening the cast, we’re talking a lot about the addition of a second star alongside Lulu. improvements level role players. a messZach LaVine, Bradley Beal, Bojan Bogdanovic, John Collins, Caris LeVert, Immanuel Quickley, Saddiq Bey, Nerlens Noel or Cam Reddish In recent weeks, insider rumors have seen their names linked directly or indirectly to the Texas franchise.

But as we saw in the previous section, the Mavericks aren’t best equipped in terms of assets to keep up with the competition, which is looking for the same targets as the Texans (especially Bogdanovic). Mark Cuban has one last card up his sleeve, though: The Mavs all have first-round draft picks from 2024-2029. And if the franchise trades by then, there’s a good chance they’ll be fired. February 9.


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