NBA Rivals Week begins tonight: introduction and explanations

This season, the NBA has chosen the week of January 23rd to implement a new concept that aims to spice up the regular season a bit: Rivals Week, in other words, rivalry week. As the name suggests, over the next few days we will be eligible to purchase several posters between opposing Major League teams.

11 nationally televised matches, 11 matches between rivals, await us between tonight and Saturday, January 28.

Therefore, the week promises to be especially spicy, even if the gossip says that the League is so weak in competition today that it has to organize a “Rivals Week”. Certainly, if there is any truth to this, the posters in the program are authoritative enough to make us yearn:

Tuesday, January 24

  • Heat vs. Celtics (1:30 a.m. on TNT)

Last season, Miami and Boston had a great battle in the Eastern Conference Finals, with the Celtics winning after a big Game 7 in Florida. The Heat – The Celtics have become a classic in the East over the past 15 years, not only because of the last matchups (Conference Finals on the bubble in 2020), but also because of the big matchups between Florida’s Big Three (LeBron, Wade). , Bosh) and Boston (Garnett, Pierce, Allen) between 2010 and 2013.

  • Lakers vs. Clippers (4 p.m. on TNT)

You don’t need to take pictures, we’re at the Los Angeles Derby. Since LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard joined Hollywood a few years ago, the two City of Angels franchises have been battling for city supremacy. However, this rivalry is struggling to contain due to the disappointing results of both teams and the absence of many of the stars in question.

Wednesday, January 25

  • Sixers vs. Nets (1:30 p.m. on ESPN)

In addition to the geographic proximity between Philadelphia and Brooklyn, we have two teams that have been particularly connected since the trade between Ben Simmons and James Harden at the last trade deadline. For both the former and the latter, things ended up fishtailing with their franchise, which is enough to spice things up on this poster. Besides, we know that Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid love to send a few sweet words when facing off, and that will certainly be the case again tomorrow night. Finally, know that this matchup will represent the first matchup between Simmons and Embiid since Boomer’s transfer.

  • Warriors vs. Grizzlies (4 hours on ESPN)

On the way to the NBA title last season, the Warriors faced Memphis in particular in the conference semifinals. The grizzlies are looking to dominate the West and show the Golden State that their era of dominance is over. With big mouths like Draymond Green and Dillon Brooks and superstars like Stephen Curry and Ja Morant, he’s bound to shine.

Thursday, January 26

  • Celtics vs. Knicks (1:30 p.m. on TNT)

A geographic rivalry, a historical rivalry, an Eastern Conference classic. Regardless of the level of the two teams, this poster between New York and Boston will always have a certain cachet. And this year, knowing that the Celtics are the best NBA team today and the Knicks are not far from the conference’s Top 6, the matchup could be especially exciting.

  • Suns – Mavericks (4 hours on TNT)

It is often said that the competition is built in the playoffs. That’s the case between Phoenix and Dallas, two franchises that have shared several confrontations in the postseason, including most recently. The Suns and Mavericks actually bid for a seven-game series in the Western Conference semifinals last season, which was eventually won by Luka Doncic’s squad. We especially remember the little friendly exchange between Luke and Devin Booker. Unfortunately, he is currently in intensive care…

Friday 27 January

  • Wolves vs. Grizzlies (1:30 p.m. on NBA TV)

Before meeting the Warriors in the playoffs last season, the Grizzlies struggled to defeat the monsters of Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns in the first round. Memphis and Minnesota gave the Wolves a huge six-game series that could have been swept had they handled some key moments in the series better. Just last time Ja Morant stepped on Malik Beasley to throw one of the dirtiest posters in Playoff history.

  • Warriors – Raptors (4 hours on NBA TV)

How to forget the 2019 NBA Finals? It was the greatest moment in Toronto franchise history, ending Stephen Curry’s Warriors Three-Peat dreams. The Raptors won their first and only NBA championship that year on a mission driven by Kawhi Leonard, while Golden State was at the tail end of the race, especially due to serious injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

Saturday, January 28

  • Sixers vs. Nuggets (9 p.m. on ABC)

Joel Embiid vs Nikola Jokic, anyone? Two of the best pivots on the planet will face off this Saturday for a duel of the titans. An opportunity for the former to prove he’s as dominant as the Joker, or to show why the latter is a two-time MVP and not Jojo.

  • Nets-Knicks (11:30 p.m. on ABC)

New York Derby. Brooklyn and New York will battle for Gotham City supremacy at the Barclays Center years after being in direct competition to land Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Free Agency 2019. KD will unfortunately miss out due to a knee injury, but Uncle Drew will. Martyr Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle and Co.

  • Celtics vs. Lakers (2:30 on ABC)

Boston vs Los Angeles, Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson, 17 NBA titles vs 17 NBA titles. Simply put, it’s one of the greatest rivalries in sports history.

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