Versatile and especially perfect, the new Mercedes GLC SUV can do everything on and off the road. Highly technologically advanced, the GLC 2 also lives up to its time by offering electrified engines, including a very pleasant hybrid diesel ideal for long-distance drives.

Mercedes is on the right track with the GLC, as this premium SUV has been one of the marque’s stars since its launch in 2015. The best-selling Mercedes in recent years, the GLC, with 2.6 million copies. and is the 3rd best-selling manufacturer in France, behind the GLA and the A-class. There is no doubt that the second installment of this huge star-studded saga will suffer the same fate, as Mercedes has integrated the best of current technology into it and offered three electrified engines from a simple hybrid (GLC 220d hybrid 48V). hybrid -rechargeable with an electric range of 106 km (GLC 300e) to 122 km (GLC 400e), depending on the engine.


Despite the similarity in lines and proportions to its predecessor (X253), the GLC 2-type X254 is completely new and based on a completely new platform. However, the successor to the GLC still remains in the familiar place of this SUV, which is 6 cm longer, increasing the length to 4.72 m, while the width remains unchanged and the height loses 4 small millimeters. Gaining a few centimeters useful for life on board, including at least 70 litres, the trunk is the largest in the segment, increasing its capacity to 620 litres. The line remains extremely rounded and flowing, and the overall silhouette is more dynamic with a more raked front hood that really changes the look. At the back, new lights refine the tailgate style. Mercedes chose the simplicity of the series with only 2 finishes: AvantGarde Line and AMG Line, the latter is sportier and more expressive at an additional cost of 4,800 euros. Inside, we surprisingly find the design of the latest C-Class with this striking center console, which incorporates a large ‘floating’ screen highlighted by three backlights. All instruments in front of the driver are fully digital, and the infotainment system with an even more intuitive interface benefits from the latest generation with MBUX 2.0, as well as slightly augmented reality navigation. It worries us in the first kilometers, but we work quickly. Measure this very convincing technological evolution using real-time video image projection on the map.

FLEXIBLE AS smart or almost

In motion, and this refers to agility as a whole from the first meters, especially when leaving the parking lot, most impressively, from the first stroke of the wheel. Equipped with rear-wheel steering (up to 4.5° angle), available in the Dynamic Pack (€3,400), the GLC handles like a Smart, and on-road driving precision and comfort are exceptional. Also available with AirMatic air suspension. same package with rear wheel steering. So, with the driving pleasure and comfort that this package provides, it is essential. Under the magnificent hood, a 4-cylinder turbo diesel unit is mated to a mild hybridization with a 48V alternator-starter that produces 23 hp and 200 Nm of torque in addition to the diesel unit’s 197 hp. The ubiquitous torque plus electric motor boost allows for a smooth ride and really low consumption. As possible, the GLC 220d uses a small electric motor to add mild hybrid heat. We also appreciated the quiet operation with top-notch sound insulation, and you’d have to do a lot of revving to hear the 2-litre diesel unit mated to the 9-speed automatic gearbox and 4Matic all-wheel drive. Classic in a sense, but effective, because this mild hybrid diesel GLC offers autonomy with a consumption of close to 900 km or more for the softness of the pedal.

Attractive and pleasant to drive on all types of roads, including winding roads, thanks to rear-wheel steering that changes its behavior with the addition of air suspension, the new Mercedes GLC is an ideal premium SUV for its size. , life on board, technology and versatility with an exceptional finish.

Photos by Laurent SANSON

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