Freebox subscribers can enjoy many channels and additional content for free, here are the solutions

Freebox subscribers can enjoy many channels and additional content for free, here are the solutions

For Freebox Pop and mini 4K subscribers

It is necessary for everyone. If you’re a Freebox Pop or mini 4K subscriber, the two apps are now ideal for discovering new content. The first is Molotov, not new to the topic. The Internet TV service is available for free on Free’s two Android boxes. While it regularly adds new free channels that aren’t available on Freebox, it can rely on its AVOD Mango service at no extra cost, its movie catalog continues to expand through major partnerships. (Sony Pictures). In addition, Molotov launched FAST, free and advertising-supported channels.

Another player in this segment, Pluto TV, is also a very simple way to access often very interesting free streams. Just download the app from the Play Store of the two Free boxes and run it. There is no account to create, the content is directly visible.

The free and ad-supported service from the ViacomCBS Networks International group (MTV, Paramount Channel, Comedy CentralL, Game One, Nickelodeon) offers a variety of topics from youth, lifestyle, crime, music, movies to sports. religious serials and documentaries. Pluto TV now offers more than 100 channels in France and nearly 1,000 movies and series on demand in all media. After Starsky & Hutch on January 6, 3 new channels like Zen Fit, Pluto TV Reality and Teen Mom appeared in January.

For Freebox subscribers with Samsung Smart TV

You may not know it, but Freebox subscribers can enjoy over 80 free channels. They must have a Samsung Smart TV to access Samsung TV Plus. It’s good that Free launched a new store in the subscriber area at the end of 2022 with Samsung Smart TVs at Free prices, payment spread over 30 months.

AVOD service (ad-supported free video service) launched in November 2019, available on Samsung connected TVs since 2016, Samsung TV Plus access to numerous live and on-demand broadcasts across all categories, including entertainment, movies and sports provides. “No subscription, new fees, credit card, registration or additional devices required, just free TV,” says Samsung, saying it’s completely free. To access it, simply turn on the TV and launch the Samsung TV Plus app from the apps bar at the bottom of the screen.

For Freebox Delta, One and Revolution subscribers

Three Free boxes allow you to access a large number of TV channels on your TVs thanks to a simple M3U application. Be careful, only streams of free channels are legal, but you can find a number of free French-language channels, for example. To install it, you must first go to Freestore, which can be accessed from the My Apps section of the TV interface. Attention, we are talking about M3U app here which is free, there is another M3U Player app which is paid for).

Then run the program. Once inside, you have two options: enter the address of the M3U file, or download an M3U file that has been preloaded and copied to the Freebox Delta hard drive. We propose this second solution, which is easier to implement.

There are several sites where you can get an M3U file that remembers the IP addresses of various TV streams. But generally and as you will quickly notice, you have to go through Google and these types of queries “working M3U file” or search the forums to find functional ones. Note that you can also share what you know about it in the comments below this article.

After the M3U file(s) have been recovered, they must be transferred to the Freebox hard drive. To do this, open Freebox OS in a web browser using Open next “File Explorers” and expand the tree to the folder of your choice. In our case, we chose “Downloads”. Then simply drag and drop the M3U files into the folder.

Download and transfer completed. Now let’s move on to uploading the files. It’s very simple. You just have to choose “M3U on HDD”Browse through the tree structure to get to the M3U files and confirm their playback.

After the M3U file is opened and the TV channel is loaded, a control panel with play, pause, back and forward buttons can be accessed by pressing the down arrow on the remote control. A second click displays information such as screen definition, stream language or audio codecs used. Press the back button on the remote control to access the list of available channels. A second press closes the M3U file.

TF1 and its AVOD offering

AVOD’s main players in France, Pluto TV and Mango de Molotov, merged with TF1 and M6 more than a year ago. The MyTF1 replay service offers a section called “streaming”, which is clearly reminiscent of the live streams offered by its American competitor.

So on the platform you will find ad-supported free channels, from thrillers to comedy and travel, including religious programs and series, all divided into 7 categories: French fiction, foreign series, movies, manga, entertainment, lifestyle and youth . If the entire catalog is not available in Freeboxes, you will be able to find certain thematic channels in the rerun of TF1.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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