Mercedes will be faster and more comfortable than Tesla

Mercedes is following in Tesla’s footsteps, as well as Renault by showing off its own network of fast charging stations. The latter will first be deployed in North America before coming to China and Europe. Capable of reaching 350 kW, it will be compatible with the Plug & Charge function as well as the very practical reservation function.

Charging is a big challenge for manufacturers as they await the arrival of a solid-state battery that can travel more than 1,000 kilometers on a single charge with near-instant charging. As the number of electric cars on the road continues to increase, with sales overtaking diesel in France, it is important to develop a network of charging stations.

If already large in Europe, these are still very poorly distributed. But that could change as many players deploy and multiply stations across the country.

Mercedes enters the race

This is especially true for Mercedes, which wants to offer new charging solutions for its customers. The star brand, which helped found the Ionity network as part of a joint venture with the Volkswagen group as well as Ford and BMW, wants to go further. In a press release, it reveals that it has launched its own network of fast terminals around the world.

It was officially announced at CES in Las Vegas, where many companies, including LG and Plastic Omnium, demonstrated their innovations. Thus, the German manufacturer follows in the footsteps of Tesla, which launched its Supercharger network in 2012 and today has more than 35,000 terminals worldwide. In October last year, it announced the creation of its own network with Renault From the middle of 2024, 400 kW terminals have been installed in its concessions. So they equate Circontrol and Fastned.

The power will be a little lower in Mercedes, 350 kW with sockets. They’re still a lot more than the current generation of Tesla Superchargers, which are rated at 250kW. The power of the next version, known as V4, should be equal to the power of the terminals of the German brand. As a reminder, Ionity already offers 350kW charging stations.

From now on, each hub will consist of 4-12 chargers, even if the manufacturer plans to eventually offer up to 30 in the same location. Each of them will then be located and the locations where these stations will be built will offer an optimal customer experience with catering and sanitation facilities. The facilities will also be equipped with surveillance cameras for maximum security.

Discounted rates

Located in major cities and near major arteries, these express terminals will also be installed in the car parks of participating Mercedes dealers. Like the Ionity chargers, these will be compatible with Plug & Charge, which allows the driver to charge the car without the need to identify himself by removing the charging card. A feature already adopted by BMW, Tesla or even Skoda and Cupra.

If these stations will be open to all electric car owners regardless of brand, however, Mercedes customers will be offered discounted rates. But these are not detailed yet. It could also be very good for a brand to set prices according to peak or off-peak hours like Tesla and Allego.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer plansto equip their stations with solar panels, to reduce the voltage in the power grid. It is also a way to guarantee stable prices throughout the year. A solution also considered by Tesla for V4 Superchargers.

Note that these new terminals will be integrated into the system route planning system branded electric cars. It’s a car automatically reserve a pitch in advance, thanks to this feature. This will allow you not to stand in line for long minutes, but also to get better information when, for example, there are no chargers.

Deployment of this new network will begin in the US and Canada over 400 hubs with a total of over 2500 chargers high power will be installed by 2027. It will then be Europe and Asia’s turn to see the arrival of these fast charging stations.

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