Top 10 Extensions to Use AI Anywhere

Discover the top 7 ChatGPT extensions that allow you to use OpenAI’s AI chatbot from any application: Google, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Microsoft Word…

Since its launch in late 2022, ChatGPT has become a viral success. This AI chatbot can generate any type of text and Many people use it for work.

You’ve probably already tried this tool by navigating to its web page from a phone or PC browser. However, you may not know that there are many tools and extensions that make it possible using ChatGPT from other applications. Discover the best options!

ChatGPT for Chrome

chatgpt chrome

The ChatGPT extension for Google Chrome allows you to use artificial intelligence from a web browser at any time. So you can ask a chatbot to help you tweet, check your emails, or find bugs in your computer code.

Thanks to this supplement, you won’t have to no need to enter the website Use ChatGPT and identify yourself to access it. Opportunity to save more time! Explore the GitHub page here.

Along with this Chrome extension, you can download Merlin from here. This tool allows you to use Gmail, Google Sheets or ChatGPT any internet text box. Just press “cmd + M” to invoke it.

For example, you can ask him summarize the selected textanswer your emails or even create a complex Excel formula on demand.

ChatGPT for Google

chatgpt google

Created by Chinese developer Wang Dapeng and available on GitHub at this address, this extension allows integration with ChatGPT. Any search engine like Google.

So you can get it ChatGPT is the answer for all your searches, next to your “favorite search engine”! The extension is compatible with Google, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Yahoo, Naver, Yandex, Kagi and Searx. Offered in the Chrome and Firefox add-on stores.

Alternatively, you can also test search engine At this address, which combines ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing. Still in beta, this tool looks to the future, as Microsoft also plans to integrate ChatGPT with Bing…

confusion ai

Promptheus: ChatGPT voice assistant

Voice assistants are divided: some love them, some hate them. If you’re a fan of Siri and Alexa, this Chrome extension available here lets you Talk verbally with ChatGPT.

You won’t have it you don’t need to write your questions anymore or your instructions because you can dictate them directly. This video explains how the tool works.

ChatGPT for WhatsApp and Telegram

This GitHub project contains all the instructions needed to create a ChatGPT-based bot for Telegram. This will allow you to use AI within direct messaging !

If you prefer WhatsApp, this GitHub page explains how. Likewise, you can request a chatbot from the app.

For example, you can contact ChatGPT to answer a question or continue the conversation when inspiration fails.

god in a box

It also exists God in a Box expansion It is available at this address, which allows you to create a conversation with ChatGPT on WhatsApp and understand the context. Just sign up to start using AI from the app.

Note that “God in a Box” exists Free for up to 40 messages for each month. If you want to enjoy unlimited messages, you need to subscribe starting at $6 per month.

ChatGPT for Microsoft Word and Google Docs

the word chatgpt

ChatGPT is completely dedicated to language tasks, so why not integrate it directly to your word processor ? This GitHub page shows how to integrate AI with Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

You can do so use a chatbot as an assistant for your writing, correcting your mistakes, translating foreign texts or completing your sentences!

ChatGPT Export and Share: backup all your chats with AI

export chatgpt

It’s all your chats with ChatGPT automatically stored on the servers Use OpenAI and you can find them on the left side of the screen by visiting the website.

However, if you want to share some of your conversations, you’ll need to copy-paste or screenshot. This extension, available on GitHub, allows you to export messages as an image or PDF fileand even create an HTML share link.

It’s an extension Compatible with Chrome, Edge and Firefox. It will allow you to share your most interesting conversations, save them to read later or even write a book by combining texts if you like.

ChatGPT for Android

Available for free on the Google Play Store, this app allows users to To access ChatGPT on Android. Simply open the app to chat with the AI ​​without visiting the OpenAI website.

You can ask him all your questions or ask for help to use the product. Note that it is so you need to get a loan or view ads to get free.

ChatGPT for Mac

chatgpt mac

This allows you to add macOS software ChatGPT to the menu bar on Mac. It works like a WebView movie clip, allowing easy access.

This tool allows you to use AI without visiting the official website. However, it is not so not suitable for long answers and complex.

CodeGPT: ChatGPT for VSCode

chatgpt vscode

You can download “GPT Code” from VSCode to increase your productivity as a programmer. This extension can build, refactor, or explain the codeanswer questions and spot errors and problems.

To generate code, simply comment and Press “cmd-shift-i”.. CodeGPT will then open a new window with the code.

If you want an explanation of a piece of code, just select it, a right click and select “Explain CodeGPT”.. A new window opens with the result.

ChatGPT for Twitter

Many bots on Twitter allow you to ask questions ChatGPT by simply recording. Again, this allows you to use AI knowledge without going to the OpenAI web page.

Examples include accounts “chatwithgpt” and “ChatGPTBot”. is ideal for shut up overconfident tweeter !

Now you know the best ChatGPT extensions. Of course, this tool is only in its infancy, and many additions will appear over time! There are already many tools that we have not talked about today. Feel free to recommend your favorite ChatGPT extensions in the comments!

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