5 Amazing Tesla Interior Specs You Should Know About

Tesla makes some of the best electric cars on the road, and the brand is known for its unreleased models. Everything from the Tesla Semi to the Cybertruck captures the public’s imagination.

Everyone’s seen the radical exterior styling of the Tesla Roadster and the hawkish doors of the Model X, but Tesla also builds stunning interiors with state-of-the-art technology. It’s amazing how much technology Tesla can put into their cars.

1. Ultra white vegan leather interior

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Image credit: Steve Jurvetson/Wikimedia Commons

Many American cars of the 1970s, especially the muscle cars of the era, had gorgeous white interiors. From the seats to the door panels, everything was covered in a luxurious white material.

Recently, car interiors are getting brighter and brighter. It’s hard to get into a modern car without getting lost in a sea of ​​boring black plastic trim. Not so with Tesla interiors.

Sure, there are boring Tesla interior colors like the Model S’s horrendously boring black interior. It’s called Ultra White and makes any Tesla interior a better place to hang.

Not only that, it also opens up the white vegetable-tanned leather interior, giving it a sense of freedom and airiness. Mainly because its futuristic look perfectly complements the brand’s aesthetic, making it a must-have choice for any Tesla interior.

The interior of the Model X Plaid in Ultra White is simply stunning, especially in the 6-seat configuration. The bucket seats look like they came straight off a spaceship, while the second row seats look like they’re floating.

You can also take comfort in knowing that no animals were killed to fill your Tesla seats, which is a good thing now that many EV manufacturers are trying to have greener interiors.

2. Tesla Model 3’s hidden air vents


demo image of tesla's auto-steering feature
Image credit: Tesla/YouTube

Tesla is known for its minimalist interiors, and the Model 3 is no exception to this philosophy. One thing you’ll immediately notice when you sit in the Model 3 is the absence of traditional air vents for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Sure, there’s a giant bar across the entire dash, but there are no small vents with the usual controls. It may seem like a minor flaw at first, but Tesla actually over-researched air conditioning vents.

There really isn’t much to see on the Model 3, but there’s some great engineering behind the scenes. As you adjust the airflow through the central touchscreen, the air is magically directed to the desired area.

Tesla achieved this by using a system that uses a primary airflow and then a secondary air outlet that reduces the primary system and directs the air to the user’s desired area.

The airflow control interface is very well done and you shouldn’t expect anything less from Tesla. Surprisingly, while trying to simplify the interior, Tesla created a more complex system for directing air without the traditional manually adjustable air duct.

Either way, the Model 3’s minimalist look justifies the remarkable engineering that went into the car’s innovative climate-control system.

3. Tesla’s Steering Lever


Model S steering column Plaid
Image credit: Tesla

The steering wheel of the future, or yoke in Tesla parlance, is a unique interface that gives Tesla cars a spaceship vibe. The ultra-fast Model S is also available in Plaid.

A joystick may not be the most comfortable steering device, but it helps brighten up boring journeys. You’ll immediately feel like you’re piloting something special, almost more like an infantry TIE fighter.

Most Tesla interiors will probably make you look like Darth Vader anyway, so the Star Wars theme is pretty fitting. The caliper itself has many features in the tradition of modern Ferrari steering wheels.

The horn, high beam switch and turn signals are placed on the buttons on the steering wheel. It feels a little messy, and nothing beats the feeling of furiously pounding the center of your steering wheel to summon the power of your car’s horn.

What is undeniable is that the steering wheel gives your passengers something to talk about. It’s a great conversation piece because people either hate it or love it at first glance. No matter what one might say about the caliper, Tesla always finds a way to reinvent the wheel in original ways (no pun intended), even if it’s not entirely necessary.

4. Car Games

The Model S’s built-in game console might be one of the coolest interior tech features ever seen in a car. Believe it or not, you can use actual car controls like the steering wheel and gas pedal as the primary controls for the game you’re playing.

This opens up a whole new world of entertainment possibilities, especially when you’re waiting for your car to charge. It cannot be overstated how awesome it is that Tesla has opened up access to the car’s steering wheel as a controller for racing games.

Additionally, the Model S and Model X variants released from 2022 will be able to play Steam games as they both have 16GB of RAM. So you can play popular PC games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring while on the charging station. It’s hard to imagine conventional automakers allowing this kind of hilarity inside their cars.

5. Model X’s huge panoramic windshield

Tesla Model X in the snow

The Model X is famous for its hawk-eye doors, but there’s another feature that makes the Model Xi just as distinctive. If you’ve ever sat in a Model X, the first thing you’ve probably noticed is the massive windshield.

It makes the cabin feel like one of those deep sea exploration submarines. Obviously, the Tesla is better equipped than either of these subs, but the vibe is very similar.

The entire front of the Tesla looks like a giant aquarium; the vision is incredible. Even sunglasses are engineering marvels. They store neatly to the side when not in use so as not to obstruct the beautiful clarity of the glass roof.

Especially if automakers manage to minimize sun exposure through a variety of innovative techniques, it’s expected that more cars will have giant windshields like the Model X.

Tesla is still the king of innovation

Tesla is always innovating, and while sometimes the ideas seem gimmicky, it’s always nice to see an automaker that doesn’t skip a beat. This is especially true for interiors, as modern cars usually have interiors that kill their occupants. However, this is definitely not the case with Tesla’s EV lineup.

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