Tesla Mobile Service: What is it and what can it do for your Tesla?

Whether your car is having trouble or just needs routine maintenance, a trip to the dealership can be inconvenient. Tesla’s solution? Send a technician to your location.

While cellular service isn’t unique to Tesla — many dealerships in busy urban areas with limited parking spaces have used cellular service for years — the company is uniquely positioned as a direct-to-consumer automaker.

Whether you own a Tesla or not, here’s what you need to know about cell service.

What is Tesla Mobile Service Assistance?

It all starts in the app, where you describe what you want the technician to do. If there is a problem with your vehicle, it is important to be as specific as possible; After all, he must prepare the appropriate diagnostic and repair tools before going to Tesla’s site.

It’s that simple. Tell Tesla what’s wrong. Tesla lets you know when a qualified technician can come to your home or business.

Combined with EV roadside assistance, mobile service potentially offers a new level of confidence and convenience. It’s reassuring to know that a factory-trained technician will be working on your vehicle. It’s amazing to have it come to you.

What can (and can’t) Tesla Mobile Service fix?

While you can repair some components of your electric vehicle yourself, others are beyond the reach of the layman.

Some repairs are difficult to perform outside the service center because they require machines that are difficult to transport. For example, an accident that damages the frame of a car may not be a good candidate for mobile service.

Windshield replacement, on the other hand, is easy to do on site. Cam calibration, light suspension work, minor accident damage like broken lights, flat tires are all no problem for a trained technician who can take care of them in your driveway.

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It may seem ironic that having a car on jacks in your driveway, once a phenomenon reserved for backyard mechanics, has now become a luxury experience. But as customer expectations evolve, mobile service may become more mainstream.

Unlike when you take your car to the dealership, mobile service requires some preparation on your part. First, you must provide all the information necessary to locate and access your vehicle. This can be quite simple if it’s in front of your house, or more complicated if you live in a gated community and won’t be home at the time.

If the weather is inclement, you should provide a safe work environment such as a garage or overhead enclosure. After all, no technician should have to work in pouring rain or sweltering heat. Because technicians are human, bathroom access is another requirement.

Tesla employees at the Tesla store

Of course, treating the technician with respect is another requirement. In the typical dealership service model, technicians are “protected” from angry customers by a service advisor whose job it is to solve problems.

Tesla makes it clear on its Tesla Support page that it does not tolerate abusive tantrums.

“In order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for Tesla employees, we reserve the right to terminate access to the mobile service of any customer whose behavior or conduct, in our sole discretion, causes our personnel to be abused, threatened, discriminated against, or attacked. or endangered in any way. »

Once the repair is complete, you will receive a notification and you can pay through the app. With that, your Tesla service is signed, sealed and delivered.

Is Tesla mobile service the future of service?

With over-the-air updates, self-driving technology and other advancements, the future of car service is hard to predict. Anything that makes people’s lives easier and provides more transparency will definitely attract attention.

Cellular service combined with data connectivity will likely mean that everyone, not just Tesla owners, will benefit from more convenient repairs in the future.

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