NBA Paris Game 2023: a five-star lineup in the stands

Three hours before the interval, there was a clamor in the bays of the AccorArena to determine where this or that personality would sit. It is not possible, however, to know from the members of the security or communication stars will go to the edge of the parquet, to attend the meeting between. Bulls and Pistons.

So we had to wait to discover the first names, or sometimes use our ingenuity and use our knowledge. And an hour and a half before the start of the match, the first celebrities appeared along with some fans.

Look, Yannik Noah has a son! “, was heard to shout, at this moment Joachim Noah entered Yard with his wife, Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro. He welcomed former Chicago teammate Keith Bogans, as well as Rashard Lewis, who is now on the coaching staff in Detroit.

But given his past with the Bulls and his various appearances in the capital this week, the flamboyant ‘Jocks’, whose arrival seemed obvious, certainly wasn’t the only personality involved in the game. “NBA Paris Game 2023”.

On the “red carpet” of the evening, a kind of improvised parade was organized in front of NBA photographers, as if we were in a Festival evening in Cannes.

To stay in French basketball, Tony Parker, Ronny Turiaf, Michael Peters or Kevin Serafin went one after the other among the men Sea Johannes and Gabby Williams represented women. The ability to celebrate a merger between these teammates and yesterday’s or today’s teammates.

But the “other” charm of the night was its obvious presence Victor Vembanyamahe arrived with his family and received a standing ovation when he entered the room and then appeared on the giant screen of the AccorArena.

Wemby, who some already think will return to France for the next NBA Paris Game in a year, also took the opportunity to meet a legend (and what a legend): Magic Johnson himself ! The evening’s surprise guest, he competed with the (probable) future number of the 2023 Draft on the cheer counter, standing in the middle of the floor during the match, honored more than three decades after playing on it.

And then the former leader rendering time is also allowed to tweet that he had a chance to meet and chat with the best player in the world “, speaking of Victor Wembanyama. That’s it!

But, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 2020, Magic Johnson wasn’t the only basketball player to receive a tribute, as Ben Wallace and Richard “Rip” Hamilton, Pistons legend, received the honor at the same time as him. same for the french Tony Parker, Joakim Noah, Ronny Turiaf, Mickaël Piétrus and Kevin Séraphin.

Former Bulls center Bill Wennington While on the WNBA side, he also visited the capital. Kahleah Copper (Chicago Sky), Napheesa Necklace (Minnesota Lynx) and James Wade (Chicago Sky head coach) was well positioned in the stands.

French sports are in the spotlight

Clearly, the universe of the orange ball was represented as that of sports in general, and French sports in particular (even Monegasque). of the warrior Cyril Gane to the football player Aurelien Tchouameni (later got involved in a controversy…), through a judoka Teddy Rinerpole vaulting Renaud Lavillenie or athlete of the decade Kevin Mayermany of them were tempted by a visit to the AccorArena.

Not to mention the pilots Pierre Gasly, Charles Leclerc and Esteban OconWhich we already saw in the afternoon at the NBA Home for the disabled for the Gasly/Leclerc duo against Tony Parker and Joakim Noah.

Still pay attention to the presence of football players in the world of sports Gerard Pike and Marco Verratti., the Italian was also the only PSG player to attend this “NBA Paris Game”, a trip to Saudi Arabia is required. Unlike in 2020, the Paris team came in large numbers (Kylian Mbappé, Neymar, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, etc.) to see the Bucks and Hornets.

Fashion Week

On the show business side, the rapper is now impossible to miss Lil Babyhooded and dressed all in green, as well as the painter Pharrell Williams, sat down with Magic Johnson. Other American rappers, e.g Tygaor French, as Gasoline, lay on the ground, SDM Where French languagealso didn’t hesitate to drive the public crazy asking to take pictures with them (or the famous mascot, “Bull Benny”).

As for Zola, another French rapper, accidentally injured and… on crutches, was responsible for providing the show at halftime of the match. Even so, it failed to ignite the approximately 15,885 spectators in the hall. ” It would be better to bring back the Harlem Globetrotters “I felt sorry for the father who was not far from the press desk.

French youtuber who is still on the list of showbiz faces Mr. V Italian tiktokers were also in high demand Khaby Blade. But both of them could not fully compete with the singer’s popularity Aya Nakamurasitting Yard.

A very nice and impressive cast of celebrities to which we can also add comedians Fary Where Thomas Ngijol, and obviously it can be collected thanks to the launch of Fashion Week in the capital this week. The presence of models is not accidental Karlie Kloss and Thylane Blondeau was also part of the NBA’s guest list, absolutely unparalleled in bringing together so many stars in one place and making it a special occasion.

Photos: NBA/Getty; Thomas Savoja / Basketball USA

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