TrashTalk has imagined other surprises for 2023

It’s official: with tonight’s win over the Lakers, the Kings are on the podium in the Western Conference. Who could have predicted Sacramento’s success just a few months ago? This surprise is the first of 2023 and we hope many others will follow. In the meantime, the TrashTalk editors offer you their predictions for the rest of the year, and spoiler: it’s more or less silly.

Imagine you’re a Kings fan who’s been on the other side of the world for six months, to a place where trying to connect to a telecommunications network has been unsuccessful. This Thursday, January 19th, you wake up for the first time in a long time in a city with internet. You look at the NBA and it’s almost too much for your little heart: the Kings are third in the Western Conference. It is ahead of “Phoenix”, “Golden State”, “Lakers”. You can’t believe it. A beautiful game and therefore a great surprise that Sacramento has given us by climbing so high. Now I hope this sparks other ideas within the league…imagine but not really because TrashTalk did it for you and it was instant.

Lauri Markkanen at the All-Star game

Just like dressing up as a 2000s girl idol is no barrier to success in the NBA. What has dear Lorie lost so far? Some would say a gaming environment where he can express all of his talent without any pressure, but we’re leaning more toward the Utah landscapes here that remind him of his native Finland. It was not possible at the beginning of the season, it will certainly be the surprise of the all-star game this year.

Killian Hayes was named NBA MVP

A match in Paris as the catalyst for snail croissant baguette sauce. Returning to the US as a star after putting 49 points on the nose of the Bulls, dedicated to Men-et-Loire and Cholet in passing. A galvanized Kiki walks with a score of 63 pawns, sending the evening to 35/40 points. French cadets from Challans Rockets. The Pistons move into the playoffs in sixth place in the East. He is then selected for the French team this summer and will be the world champion in September. *beep beep beep* Ah, we just woke up, man.

The Nets won the NBA championship

Kevin Durant was pissed. He returned from injury just before the All-Star Game and warmed up for a month by destroying every team that dared to show up at Barclays Center. Arriving in the playoffs, Jacque Vaughn’s men were remarkably efficient against the Bulls before sweeping past the Bucks. No one, no two, one size fits all, we take no risks. Kyrie Irving against the Celtics in the NBA Finals and Nic Claxton on the X-factor to shut down Jokic in the NBA Finals. Ah la la, if life was that simpleā€¦

LeBron James is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer

Oula, this is nothing short of a surprise, and it should happen soon enough.

The Kings continue their great season and make the playoffs

Yes, even with their current third place finish, the Kings are still the Kings. A year after breaking the record for no postseason appearances, there will be a playoff date. Can you imagine? It took some front row vomiting and a guy running around in his pants for Sacramento to finally start producing good basketball. Of course, a holiday was declared in the whole city.

Kemba Walker signs with Cergy-Pontoise

He was tired of the NBA, rumors sent him to Milan, but ultimately not because Cardiac Kemba decided to join Cergy-Pontoise’s great Spartan club. A signature that makes the entire western part of the RER A suddenly attractive to you. Even during holidays.

The Rockets don’t rank last in the West

So that would be a pretty fantastic surprise. After a season that we would associate with the lexical field of dejections, the Rockets take their last place in the noise made by the Spurs. Jalen Green and Jabari Smith Jr. played a little too well, as if they wanted to prove the Houston sidelined Eric Gordon wrong. Rocket season is definitely lame.

The Raptors blew up their entire lineup this winter

After a poor start to the season, Nick Nurse’s Raptors are opting to part with all of their key players: from Pascal Siakam to Fred VanVleet to Gary Trent Jr. , and there are snowshoe defeats in Ontario.

Jonathan Rousselle joins the Lakers

Needing a leader, the Lakers decide to buy Dijon side Joe Rousselle and three bowls of mustard. The first to provide good control in the creation of the game, three cans of mustard to season the diner’s chicken, LeBron finds it too sweet. It shouldn’t be the deciding factor in the King wanting to look elsewhere.

A few surprises with TrashTalk sauce, does that speak to you? Smart choices, while others are a little less so with the aim of splitting a pear in front of this wonderful league that is the NBA. Yeah, do you think Damian Lillard could send you a scrapbook of the Blazers results?

Source: ESPN

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