Ivanti and Lookout expand strategic partnership to provide mobile threat protection

Ivanti and Lookout expand strategic partnership to provide mobile threat protection

Ivanti and Lookout, Inc. Announcing the extension of its strategic partnership to include Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security as part of Lookout’s service offering. The combined solution, which includes Ivanti Go and Ivanti Neurons for Modern Device Management, is a best-in-class security and management solution that enables Ivanti customers to implement a mobile strategy to protect their hybrid workforce while reducing overall risk to the organization. .

Ivanti is committed to providing its customers with innovative, flexible and secure solutions. This cloud-based solution is now available as an integrated add-on for Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). Endpoint Management (UEM) and the new add-on are fully integrated into the current UEM client. This allows customers to easily and seamlessly activate the add-on without creating friction for their end users.

Earlier this year, Ivanti and Lookout joined forces to help organizations accelerate cloud adoption and advance their Zero Trust security posture in the Everywhere Workplace. The joint solution, which includes Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access (ZTA), Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Lookout Secure Web Gateway (SWG), helps customers achieve comprehensive threat prevention and data security both on the network and at the perimeter. Adhering to Zero Trust Access security principles, the world inside and outside the network, at home and in the cloud.

The two companies are expanding their strategic partnership to include Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security powered by the Lookout Cloud Security Platform, which provides advanced mobile security for Android, iOS and Chrome OS devices. The solution integrates Lookout functionality into the Ivanti Go app, combining endpoint management and security features for simple, seamless deployment and management.

The joint Ivanti/Lookout solution enables enterprises to proactively protect all devices—PCs, mobile devices, and cloud workloads—from vulnerabilities and attacks. One of the key features of the solution is protection against web-based attacks and sophisticated attacks that are typically not tracked or prevented by traditional solutions.

Additional benefits of an integrated Ivanti/Lookout solution include:

• Detect and Mitigate Cyber ​​Threats Targeting Mobile Devices: The mobile ecosystem presents unique risks to businesses that are beyond the capabilities of traditional endpoint security solutions. From the design of operating systems to the way phishing attacks are delivered, mobile is a blind spot for any organization if smartphones and tablets are not properly secured. Lookout enables organizations to detect and mitigate cyber threats from one of the most difficult vectors to protect, one of the largest computer networks.

• Gain insight and control over mobile devices to meet privacy and compliance requirements: Ivanti customers can reduce security risks and meet compliance requirements by extending vulnerability management across all mobile devices.

• Simplify cloud adoption with secure access to SaaS applications from mobile devices: Ivanti customers can only allow trusted, uncompromised mobile devices to connect to SaaS applications. This reduces the risk of data breach from an infected mobile device introducing malware into the authentication control environment. By continuously monitoring mobile device risk posture, Lookout applies Zero Trust access controls to ensure that only healthy devices and users have access to corporate data stored in cloud applications.

• Enable a hybrid workforce to work securely from any mobile device: With the global adoption of BYOD (bring your own device), it’s important to be able to secure all iOS, Android or ChromeOS devices that can access sensitive devices. corporate information. The combined Ivanti/Lookout solution provides customers with the best possible protection against phishing attacks, malware, compromised devices and risky network connections that traditional endpoint security solutions miss.

Regardless of how an organization is accessed or deployed, the common solution addresses today’s data protection challenges and realities, ensuring CISOs and CIOs have the most transparent and robust way to secure data, no matter where they travel or reside.

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