Are the Detroit Pistons tanking without saying it in an attempt to draft Victor Vembanyama?

in Marseille-Jerdan Sports Center (Levallois),

Symbolically, the Bulls and Pistons practiced this Thursday (9 p.m.) at the Palais des Sport Marcel-Cerdan ahead of this week’s Paris NBA Game in Bercy. And yes, in the same room where Victor Wembanyama flies over the Betclic Elite every week and upsets the American League. The Mets giant (19 years, 2.21 m) will certainly be one of the most watched guests tonight, along with Magic Johnson and Tony Parker, a day after his victory in Fos-sur-Mer (82-83). After all, getting a spot on your future NBA team is important, right? We’re obviously trolling, but the Detroit Pistons’ current red-light position in the Eastern Conference makes them a serious candidate to inherit the first pick of the next draft, and therefore betting on the French interior to envision a better tomorrow. .

So that, tanking or tanking, dear Pistons? the tanking, is the concept of voluntarily forfeiting a game during an endless regular season (82 games) in order to optimize the chances of selecting one of the most promising young prospects during the draft, and therefore significantly improving one’s team. journalist for Athletic and the Pistons’ successor, including this week in Paris, James L. Edwards formal: “No, I’m not going to say the Pistons are tanking, they’re trying to develop young players and build for the future. And when you rely on so many youngsters, it’s natural to lose games in the top league. Rather than betting more on experienced players, they want to trust the draft and the game free agency [le marché des joueurs libres] to build for the long term and try to create a winning culture with these young people.

French playmaker Killian Hayes has been in high demand by the media for several days ahead of this Thursday’s NBA Paris Game in Bercy. – Christophe Ena/AP/SIPA

“We just have to grow up and be more mature”

That’s clearly not the case right now with this terrible record of 12 wins for 35 losses (only the Rockets are worse in the entire NBA). But now the very famous tricolor leader Killian Hayes (21) refuses to talk about the long-term project only: “No, our goal is always to win.” A football player never wants to lose. We started hard, but the season is still long. I think we have a very talented team. We just have to grow and be more mature because we make a lot of mistakes that cost us the game.”

Xavier Vaution, Head of Basketball at beIN Sports, shares this observation: “I don’t believe for a second that they are looking for more tanks than any other team, even at the level of their leaders. It would be very risky because if they talk about it or be seen, they can get fines from the League. They’re still kids and finding themselves in the craziest and most indecisive regular season we’ve ever known, with so much talent everywhere. But they are not disastrous, they stop in games and do not play for their individual statistics like in Houston and Charlotte.

Detroit soon without its two best scorers?

Even so, if the former Choletais is in the spotlight right now, it’s mainly because the most promising player in this workforce, Cade Cunningham (age 21), is out until the end of the season. And it’s not a “classic” injury, but a shin surgery that could have been avoided in the short term, but the number one pick in the 2021 draft underwent in December. For some, it’s enough to reinforce the thesis of a deliberately mixed season to try to inherit Victor Wembanyama. James L. Edwards tells us more about Cunningham’s streak (19.9 points per game average):

Knowing Cade, if the team was in a better position at the end of 2022, it probably would have made a different decision. The franchise let him decide if he wanted to continue playing without surgery. And there he personally felt that the best option for him was to think about his long-term career. »

The second interesting example of the strategy of general manager Troy Weaver, who came to Detroit in 2020: the team’s leading scorer Bogdan Bogdanovich (21.2 points on average) can be changed between now and the trade deadline (a kind of transfer window of the NBA) from February 9. James L. Edwards says: “The Pistons will only trade Bogdanovic if they get an offer they can’t refuse. Then they can’t win a lot of games with him, and he’s advanced (age 33), so if the team offers a good first-round pick, it could be done. But they are not going to sell it.”

“Let the bank wait a little”

The fact is, if we turn to the rich history of the franchise, the famous Bad Boys, who won two-time NBA championships in 1989 and 1990, and long-time managers of Michael Jordan, Pistons fans eat black bread more than Bulls fans. he is crazy. Then in 2004, the Pistons did it again with the exact same recipe, except for the brutality +++ (though), holding off the Indiana Pacers by an average of 73 points per game in the entire conference finals. choked the Lakers (4-1) in the finals. Another time, like this trenchant Game 6 against Indiana, the score (69-65) could almost become a halftime classic in the 2023 NBA. Grant Hill’s Arrival in the Franchise” 1994 Lyonnais Adrien Gérinière (39 years old) looks at the evolution of the Pistons over 20 years.

It was a great year with Larry Brown as a coach and Wallace’s racquet [Rasheed et Ben]. Along with Billups, Hamilton and others, this team had incredible basketball IQ and defensive personality. After ten truly disgusting years, if the goal of general manager Troy Weaver is to find the identity of this Bad Boys, as declared by general manager Troy Weaver, to wait a little with the rebuilding project, as the Banjo Warriors did with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. But you have to watch it on the field, because players like Jaden Ivey and Hamidou Diallo leave big holes in the defense. »

“Victor will have a direct impact on the NBA”

Hey, wouldn’t there be a new absolute defensive bully in the NBA in a few months with endless segments and time (averaging 3.1 blocks on Betclic Elite)? Pistons fans will find out on May 16 lottery selection if they start buying “Wemby” jerseys. It’s important to remember that since 2019 and to limit “tanking” at the end of the regular season, the three worst records now have only a 14% chance of winning the first pick. In 2021 and 2022, Detroit was part of a winning trio and spoiled, with the first pick in 2021 (Cade Cunningham) and then the fifth pick last year (Jaden Ivey).

If the Pistons are going to inherit the jackpot, how well can Killian Hayes end up convincing the leaders in his compatriot’s favor? “Victor has an exceptional talent and I really hope that he will first choice, it should be, believes the young tricolor leader. No matter where he goes, he will have a direct impact in the NBA. This the next big thing, but it’s not my job to choose who we take. “He’ll probably be careful not to appear too involved with him this Thursday evening at Bercy, because the ruthless American league could sanction him financially for it.”

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