Apple’s new M2 chips boost the performance of the new MacBooks!

Apple is constantly innovating itself to offer you the best quality in its devices. At the beginning of 2023, Apple presents its new chips: M2 Pro and M2 Max. With this new generation of chips, Apple boosts the performance of the MacBook Pro and Mac mini. Want to know more? You are in the right place!

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M2 Pro and M2 Max: a new generation of chips from Apple!

Just this Tuesday, January 17, 2023, during a press release published on its website, Apple officially announced the release of two new generations of chips: M2 Pro and M2 Max. Indeed the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini use M2 chips for their storage, but also and above all for the many advantages they provide to their users. Faster read and write speeds, better memory capacity, smaller size and more power efficiency, plus the reliability of Apple’s new M2 chips make it an ideal choice for those looking to learn. improve their Mac performance !

New M2 chips break records in terms of energy performance!

First, it offers M2 chips faster read and write speed than older storage chips. This means files are accessed faster, programs start faster and backups are done in record time. It also allows for more efficient operation as waiting times are reduced. Who says better storage capacitysays the ability to store more files, photos and videos on your MacBook without buying an external hard drive or deleting your important files. Smaller and more energy efficient unlike older storage chips, M2s improve computer efficiency and stability. So you can use your Mac for longer without charging as often as before. Finally, there are M2 chips more reliable than older storage chips. So you are sure to have all your files It’s safe on Maceven in case of malfunction or failure.

It is important to remember about the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips that are designed for them Boost the performance of your MacBook Pro and Mac mini thanks to a CPU and to one more powerful GPUs, Up to 96 GB single memory and unprecedented energy efficiency.

What is the difference between the M2 Pro chip and the M2 Max?

The performances offered by these two next-generation SoC systems on a chip vary from one to the other:

→ The M2 Pro It perfects the M2 chip architecture with a CPU and GPU capable of carrying 12 cores and 19 cores respectively, along with up to 32GB of fast integrated memory. For the first time, the M2 Pro Mac mini to take advantage of Apple professional performance !

→ It is even more efficient M2 Max It has up to 38-core GPU, double unit memory bandwidth and up to 96GB of unit storage. Thanks to this unparalleled performance, Apple created the most powerful and energy-efficient chip ever in a business laptop.

Either way, both of these chips feature advanced custom technologies with a faster 16-core Neural Engine and a powerful Apple Media Engine.

M2 Pro chip: unparalleled performance for unlimited professional use!

The Apple’s new M2 Pro chip the second generation is designed using a 5-nanometer etching process, which gives it 40 billion transistors, twice the size of the M2. It also offers 200GB/s of single memory bandwidth and up to 32GB of low-latency single memory. You can use it thanks to the new generation 10 or 12 core CPU Programs like Adobe Photoshop faster than ever. Its 19-core GPU has a larger L2 cache, perfect for Shows up to 30% faster graphics performance compared to M1 Pro, and thus have an experience worthy of a video game console and one of the best optimizations in terms of image processing! The new MacBook Pro equipped with the M2 Pro chip thus offers up to 80% faster image processing in Photoshop compared to the MacBook Pro equipped with an Intel Core i9 processor.

M2 Max chip: an alliance between power and energy efficiency!

With 67 billion transistors, that is three times more than M2 the new M2 Max chip Apple takes the performance and capabilities of its chips to new heights. Offering 400 GB/s of single memory throughput, the M2 Max is capable of supporting up to 96 GB of fast single memory. In other words, you can open the largest files almost instantlyor to work on several professional applications unprecedented simplicity and fluidity. Enjoy up to 30% better graphics performance than the M1 Max chip with the M2 Max. Visual effects, machine learning model training, gigapixel image stitching… The new MacBook Pros equipped with the M2 Max chip give you superior performanceboth on the mains and on the battery.

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