The AI ​​boom is coming…

As you’ve probably discovered from reading the news and headlines, artificial intelligence (AI) is currently in the spotlight in the tech world. Everywhere you look, only GPT3, ChatGPT, DALL-E, etc. But what exactly?

Online AI tools are buzzing around the web. And for good reason: what this AI and next-generation AI platforms are capable of is quite impressive…

Personally, I manipulated a little ChatGPT and I thought it was pretty surreal…

He can be asked a question or asked to perform any task. Compose a few paragraphs on a specific topic, write a basic line of code, edit already written texts and many other things.

To be honest, this technology is very effective. Not to the point where I think she can write these lines entirely for me, but she’s clearly coming of age.

SLAB it’s artificial intelligence that works a little differently. This is a visual generator. For example, you can ask him to create a painting of a Toyota Corolla on the beach in the style of Van Gogh… And he will produce a fairly convincing version of the scene. Take a look below:

This image is 100% AI generated and took only 30 seconds to create.

There are many new things in this universe right now.

Microsoft is perfectly positioned

Microsoft announced a week ago that it intends to invest 10 billion dollars in ChatGPT technology.

Microsoft has played a major role in ChatGPT since the beginning, as the company has an exclusive license for the technology. It is extremely well positioned when it comes to AI technology.

And like I said, these technologies keep getting better. In fact, they perform creative tasks in some areas.

For example, imagine that you need to create a quick project to create a concept: you can ask DALL-E and ChatGPT to create this project, which you can improve yourself.

And it doesn’t end there. The impact of these technologies on the economy has great potential.

Advances in AI for productivity

I also read something else in the papers last week: McDonald’s will start laying off workers. And according to CNBC, the goal isn’t to cut costs, but to enable the company to innovate faster and operate more efficiently.. (Here’s an idea of ​​how and why…)

And we are seeing this in many areas right now.

I believe we are living through a once-in-a-century era where automation in one form or another is becoming more and more important to business.

Today, robots, factories, and automated manufacturing are already being used to reduce the amount of labor required to produce a gadget, car, or consumer electronic device.

But another factor comes into play.

The US has always been a manufacturing country. But in the current climate of relocation, repatriation of activities, and de-globalization, much of what is produced abroad is being produced again on American soil: in fact, the United States is currently experiencing a veritable industrial renaissance. it is also favorable for the development of automation.

2023 the year of technology?

On the services side, which still accounts for about 78% of the U.S. economy, we are experiencing a period of simultaneous labor shortages and rising wages.

These periods are generally favorable for people investing in new technologies.


For starters, businesses start looking for ways to save on labor costs because they can’t find enough workers.

So, in the current context, it would be wise for them to invest in automation to achieve this.

And artificial intelligence should play a big role in this.

This is a new technology that is ripe enough to be really useful and replace a lot of manpower. And I think it will make existing work more productive in the economy, especially in the service sector, which is the lion’s share of the US.

Bill Gates strongly believes this. For him, the next revolution will not come from cryptocurrency, metaverse, or web3, but from artificial intelligence.

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