After ChatGPT and Dall-E, OpenAI will launch its new AI

OpenAI, the startup behind ChatGPT and Dall-E, talked about some of the innovations ahead for its generative AI. After talking about ChatGPT 4, the firm announced the arrival of a new AI capable of creating videos.

Sam AltmanThe CEO and co-founder of OpenAI gave an interview to StrictlyVC, a media outlet covering news from Silicon Valley. Not surprisingly, the entrepreneur spoke at length about the evolution of ChatGPT, the intelligent chatbot that has been making headlines.

Contrary to some rumors, ChatGPT 4, the next evolution of the language model is not about to see the light of day. According to Sam Altman, the new version will be released when ” we will make sure we can publish it safely and responsibly”. The OpenAI co-founder wants to moderate users’ expectations:

We will launch our technologies more slowly than people would like. […] We will disappoint people ».

ChatGPT 4 will not be a revolution

In the process, Altman encouraged netizens lowers expectations Regarding ChatGPT 4. This version will not include general AI. This concept defines an AI that can function like a human brain. In this case, artificial intelligence can answer all queries that a human can understand. This model can adapt and evolve to the tasks assigned to it, even if it is not programmed for it.

Today, there is still no such artificial intelligence. According to Altman, the transition to mainstream artificial intelligence will be gradual, not abrupt. This is also one of the main long-term goals of OpenAI. In any case, ChatGPT version 4 won’t be as revolutionary as it is rumored to be, especially on Twitter.

Asked about the topic in December 2021, Altman already hinted that ChatGPT 4 would be the only one.The evolution of ChatGPT 3. The future intelligent chatbot can first of all better understand the context of the request and give more accurate and qualitative answers. These improvements must require more computing power. Note that OpenAI released version 3.5 of ChatGPT in December 2022.

This repetition aroused the enthusiasm of most Internet users, including students. According to some professors, many students trust ChatGPT cheating and writing homework in their place. Consciously societal changes Chatbot-driven Sam Altman encourages educators to adapt to the inevitable rise of generative artificial intelligence. As the calculator changes the learning of mathematics, AI will disrupt all education and we must deal with it.

“We hear from teachers who are naturally very concerned about the impact of all this on homework. We also hear many teachers say, “Wow, she is an amazing personal tutor for any child.”

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Artificial intelligence that creates videos

Note that the startup doesn’t just focus on ChatGPT. OpenAI has also developed Dall-E, an artificial intelligence capable of generating images in seconds. The American company is not going to be satisfied with this. Sam Altman reveals that an artificial intelligence has been programmed create videos Also available in OpenAI boxes.

The entrepreneur claims it people are interested » to the perspective of video-generating AI. The project may exist “soon”though ” it may take a while”. Too measured, Altman is careful not to provide ” then the authoritative forecast”.

It wouldn’t be the first AI to imagine sequences. For example, last year Meta introduced a tool that can create video clips based on simple text. Artificial intelligence is based on machine learning and large image database. It is currently only available to members of the trial program.

Non-exclusive agreement with Microsoft

During the interview, Altman also mentioned the contract with Microsoft. The American giant has indeed spent several billion dollars to integrate ChatGPT and Dall-E into its products, including the Bing search engine, Azure, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

“This is the only technology company I’ve ever been more than happy to partner with”Sam Altman says the partnership with Microsoft is going very well.

The OpenAI co-founder says Microsoft won’t not the exclusivity of innovations developed by a startup. The company is free to develop new technologies and offer them to other companies. Similarly, OpenAI will develop its own products and software despite its agreement with Microsoft.

To generate revenue, OpenAI also plans to launch a paid version of ChatGPT. was baptized ChatGPT Professionalthis premium edition will provide better performance and guaranteed availability even when servers are overloaded.

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