“Abolish the billionaires, fight inequalities… OXFAM’s nonsense!” “. Editorial by Charles SANNAT

My dear rude people

Our world lacks thought and perspective. So let’s think together.

Especially in France we love to hate and hate the rich… As if the rich were rich because the poor were poor!

It’s as if the blind can’t see because others do…

The comparison is striking, isn’t it?

And this leads us to reflect on this foolish love of equality, which turns into pathology because we mistake equal rights for equal rights, which immediately turns into fascism.

Let’s focus on what constitutes a world of total equality.

In a world of total equality, we should all be equal.

All are equal, which means we should all have the same thing. Neither more nor less. This means that we could not express any of our differences. If you like blue and I like pink…problem and inequality. No, we would wear the same clothes, the same colors, the same furniture and the same number of teaspoons, we would have the same living space. We will definitely speak the same language. We would take the same drugs. Those who are taller than me will have part of their legs amputated, those who can see will have to have their eyes removed to be “equal” to the blind, and we even have “experiments” to try. bringing life to the flaws of others.

What I’m trying to show you with these absolutely disgusting examples is that when we push equality towards equality, we create a stifling and totalitarian society, which is the opposite of what we now want to praise, which is diversity and… whatever they want.

There is nothing more foolish than the desire for perfect equality.

Back to the billionaires!

They are not rich because you are poor.

They simply have a greater ability than you to honestly capture wealth or not, and that is the important and only valid topic. The question posed here is the creation of wealth and the processes that enable this creation.

A reader wrote to me this morning that we needed to stop thinking “business” that humanity needs to rise up and that we “share all the wealth”!

The idea may seem good and generous, and then the most people will benefit from it. Finally, in theory.

In practice, all this will simply be ineffective and even disastrous.

Let me explain.

Current wealth is a stock.

It is not a stream.

What will happen after you if you distribute our billionaires that you just stole fairly?

Simple. Each will have several thousand euros.

Let’s follow the opinion of our reader friend and say that we take money from the evil rich who loot with leftist dialectics and cancel the case.

What will happen?

We will be able to spend a few months after taking the money given to us (to the beautiful poor) from others. It will take more or less the same amount, depending on everyone’s taste and everyone’s ability. In fact, you will not be able to spend much time, because no one will work to fix your car, and after the job is canceled, no one will take care of you in the hospital. No one wants to ride a bus for 8 hours a day anymore. No one will want to deliver the customer for Amazon orders anymore, because it’s tiring to deliver the package for 2 euros… You will have money and nothing else to do with it, no one will work to make exchanges possible, economical or not!

Work is not just alienation, and wealth is not just a stock, it has to be a flow, and to be a flow… it takes work. Everyone’s business. It is the participation of all that makes a society (and an economy), hence the concept of “inclusion”.

It is obvious that millions of people are suffering at work.

It is also obvious that things can seem unfair.

But in France, the state receives 57% of the GDP.

Yes, the state takes 60% of the wealth created by the oppressive rich to please the masses.

Are they?

The answer is no.

Happiness, equality, work, wealth are very complex concepts that mostly fall under magical thinking and emotional thinking.

We do not think with our mind, but with our emotions and sufferings.

Inequalities are desirable because they are the result of freedom!

It may be disturbing, but it is a serious philosophical truth.

Complete equality is not desirable.

A clear yes in the law.

We should all have the same rights and duties, be equal before the law, etc.

But equality is above all equality of opportunity.

Access to quality education, care and opportunities for all when sick.

After that, freedom is what everyone will do with their luck.

Some will gamble in a casino and commit suicide full of gambling debt, destroy their family, what happened to my great grandfather is traumatic for my family for generations!

Others will go to college to become brilliant researchers, rich in discoveries and scientific achievements, not necessarily money.

Some will travel. Others will remain where they were born.

Everyone will be free to choose their own life and destiny.

You cannot have perfect equality in a free world.

But what should we do with the rich?


We have to nurture them so that their numbers grow and we have to take care that they do not cross a certain threshold or pose a threat to democracy.

The problem is not wealth. The problem is corruption and abuse of power, the problem is monopoly.

All this must be regulated by the law applied by justice.

Make no mistake, there is no more destructive project than the egalitarian projects of “fighting” the “rich”, because they are totalitarian projects that inevitably take away individual freedom and turn societies into horrible ears in the open air.

Freedom has a price.

Terrible price.

The weight of our choices.

The consequences of our actions.

Of our refusals.

From our laziness.

The things we left behind.

The cost of time spent on the couch watching Netflix or cleaning the smartphone screen.

The price of our refusal to work, to commit, to create, to do, to move forward, to cultivate, to sow, to sow may one day be better.

No riches please. Without much effort.

Taking money from the rich has never worked and is by no means the answer to human suffering.

The real, only question we should be asking ourselves is not how to “abolish” billionaires, but how to end suffering.

And there… to this question of suffering, what can you answer me? What do the good souls of the “Left” answer?

I can tell you that every month it is easy to give everyone a renewable source (new RSA every month), RSA that earns vouchers for Restos du Coeur. Dealing with great economic misery is “easy”.

So how do you deal with suffering?

Obstructors, obstructionists, destroyers with small or large fires? Those who make the wrong choice. The killers. Who kills souls and dreams?

Additionally, the real issue is not the fight against the rich. It’s not about teaching everyone to be rich, even if teaching how to create the most value is of great interest, no. The real question is how do we fight against suffering so that everyone can be happy?

Everything else is illusion and ideological manipulation to reduce totalitarianism and freedom for the sake of social justice, equality and your own good.

True humanism is not a fight against the rich, but a fight against the suffering of all.

The most serious poverty is not material, but mental, psychological, sentimental, spiritual.

It’s too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourself!

Charles SANNAT

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