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Greetings to you, enthusiasts and foodies of all kinds. It’s still about our love Nintendo Today we want to go beyond games to talk about food. Many of you have spent hours wandering the new plains of Hyrule since its March 2017 release on Switch. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. And we believe that some of you have tried to get all of the many recipes available in the title. Admittedly, with the most enticing image, we all dreamed of one day tasting the famous “herb omelette”, “divine venison curry” or Link’s famous “monster cake”! From November 16, 2022owing to Thibaut Villanovabetter known as Gastronogeekand his work is called Zelda dishes, recipes inspired by the mythical saga.

Gastronogeek presents The Legend of Zelda recipes

Thibaud Villanova aka Gastronogeek, our taste master!

Before you put on your apron and oven mitts, we’d first like to shine a light on this incredible Gastronogeek, Thibaud Villanova… After nearly 10 years of creating various recipes inspired by pop culture and related books, this good foodie has one of his favorite licenses wanted to pay tribute The Legend of Zelda. He says in the preface to this new work that we have discovered the license that bears his name Link’s Adventure 7 years old. Book today The Kitchen in Zelda is presented as a travel diary of a character beyond imagination Thibaud and he “Gourmet“. As passionate as she is about cooking, she’s always on the lookout for new flavors hidden in Hyrule. This character will help us Gastronogeek create inspired recipes Breath of the Wildof course, as well Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and even The Wind Waker. It’s all collected in this ultimate book, including fifty gourmet recipes, not to mention a culinary lexicon to help us best achieve all those delicious dishes, some tips, techniques, and more! He also cooperates with the team Gastronogeek we have been able to acquire this valuable business so that we in turn can share our passion and license for cooking with you. The Legend of Zelda in this new section: Kitchen-Master. Before we embark on this new adventure, allow us to introduce ourselves…

ArwennaVampyr, cook of the lands of Hyrule

I ArwennaVampyra passion for disneyof Harry Potterbut especially Nintendo. My first discoveries were from Game Boy Color and Pokemonmy first favorite license before I discovered it The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. I’m also passionate about cooking and baking, and I love sharing it with people around me. Besides lothario The one who discovered me books Gastronogeek of Thibaut Villanova and I admit that I was very happy to learn that there is a book dedicated to the world of Zelda. Although this first article was written by me, it is Lothario who takes up the pen for the next posts, who is much more skilled at handling this tool than I am. As for me, I prefer to stick to the role of a chef who will prepare good dishes to share with you here. At least I leave it up to him to introduce himself…

Lothario, Hyrule’s cook and guide

Exploring the land of Hyrule from the 80s (It was my first game Adventure ff transition), I have always liked these magical and mystical lands. I have often made connections between the former Zelda And this Breath of the Wild for the freedom that both bring. Passionate about video games, I also like to appreciate a good home cooked meal (Arwenna is good at sweet recipes, and I’m more into savory recipes.). by discovering Gastronogeek a few years ago I was able to introduce some recipes from her books into our diet (Note to Chichi Curry dragon ball), not forgetting a few experiments here and there to delight our guests’ taste buds. With the publication of the book dedicated to my favorite series, The Legend of Zelda, so even if it didn’t happen behind the scenes, it was impossible not to start this new adventure. We are happy to share these good moments with you and honor the Gastronogeek proverb: Butter is happiness!

Now on to the recipe!

For a soft start, you’ll need to “Lyrriz mushroom risotto” from page 28 of the book. This is a risotto with porcini mushrooms from the forest of Termedia with an easy difficulty level in about 35 minutes (preparation and cooking). This is enough to treat up to 4 people with a list of only 8 different ingredients which I will detail below.

You will need a good amount vegetable soup. For those who wish, there is a recipe for making this broth yourself on another page of the book. You will need it too onions and Powerful Mushrooms… Since we’re not in Hyrule, Pockets will do the trick easily. Of butter of course, because, as Thibaud says “Butter is happiness!”. Let’s not forget the knot! one arborio rice more precisely. It’s a perfect round grain for casseroles like the one we’re about to present to you. A little white wine must be added to flavor everything and perfect our risotto Parmesan cheese at the end of cooking. A touch salt and some flat leaf parsley leaves for decoration. Here it is! A perfect risotto… But in detail, what does it look like?

A little introduction of the ingredients before the transformation!

You should start by building a good fire (don’t forget your flints and your very sharp sword!) and plan some space because you will need two pots to prepare your food. If you don’t have a pot and you’re not out in the woods, well, pots and a stove will do the trick… Put your stock in the first pot, either daily or the day before, and bring it. boil a little and set aside while preparing the rest, as it will be used later. While the liquid is boiling, you need to take care of the onions and mushrooms so that you can cook them. A blade is enough, you don’t need to equip yourself with a Master Sword to do this job (which might make Fey grumble who thinks it’s a bit more useful than him).

Chopping vegetables, a lot of work…

Happiness After melting the butter in the second pot… If you want, you can cook the onion in the pot until golden, then add the mushrooms. After the specified time, you will need to add the rice to the first mixture and wait for the white grains to look like pearls before adding your white wine.

The hardest thing with white wine is not trying it before adding it to food…

After the white wine is chilled, the more serious work begins… To start boiling it, you will need to fill the pot with broth up to the level of the rice. It is necessary to repeat the operation as much as necessary to obtain a soft and melting grain. You’ll also have to play with the spatula so that the rice doesn’t stick and our risotto turns into a ‘good dish’… If you don’t want to see your stamina reduced to zero, eat an enduro root or two. takes preparation.

The reduction is a subtle step, but crucial to a good risotto!

Once your arborio rice is cooked to perfection, you’ll need to lower the heat to add the last ingredient, the parmesan! You will then gently stir everything to incorporate the cheese into the risotto to achieve a melting and creamy texture. All you have to do is practice.

The problem with Parmesan is that you always end up with too much…

Fill your four plates and add your parsley leaves. If you want to make it more delicious, put some whole Strong Mushrooms on top of the preparation. So, you only have one step left … to taste!

Enjoy your lunch!

the Lyrriz mushroom risotto through ArwennaVampyr and lothario !

Where can I find the original recipe?

Although it was originally distributed through a crowdfunding campaign. Zelda dishes, recipes inspired by the mythical saga is now available in bookstores and your regular grocery store, allowing you to discover other recipes inspired by the licensing world. The Legend of Zelda. Food, desserts and even drinks at different difficulty levels to suit all budgets. The tips and tricks in the book allow kitchen beginners as well as seasoned folks to get their hands dirty for fun! All in one great book with great endings. The choice of paper and the photos of the various recipes offer more than a pleasant read and you forget it’s a cookbook… Another success from Thibaud!

This concludes our first series Kitchen-Master ! We hope you had a lot of fun reading us as we shared this recipe with you on repeat and in these columns. If you like the concept, we look forward to your feedback and advice in the comments, and we will make an appointment for the next recipe soon!

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