Pensions: A 2% tax on the wealth of French billionaires would be enough to finance the deficit

Withdrawals. Less than 2% of the wealth of French billionaires would be enough to finance the pension deficit. This is revealed in a new report by the non-governmental organization Oxfam, published on January 15, 2022, called “the law of the richest”. The French NGO comes up with shocking figures: since 2020, ten people profiting from the crisis have collected 189 billion euros. . Enough to pay all the French for 2 years of gas, electricity and fuel. Bernard Arnault alone has the fortune of 20 million Frenchmen. And so on.

The NGO questions the government and public opinion, as more and more economists in the country: pension system deficit 10-12 billion per year, gifts to large groups alone 157 billion euros, dividends and share buybacks 80 billion euros, fraud and tax evasion 100 billion euros, only Bernard Arnault’s fortune is 179 billion euros, etc. Taxing the 43 billionaires at less than 2% would be enough to solve the pension “problem”. Our article.

Pensions: A small fraction of the wealth of French billionaires could finance our pensions deficit

Cocorico, our French billionaires are talented crisis profiteers! Since the beginning of the health crisis, their wealth has increased by more than 200 billion euros (+ 58%). Among them is the cheerful Bernard Arnault, the richest man in the world with a fortune of 179 billion euros. According to Oxfam’s calculations, this corresponds to the wealth of 20 million French people. “At the same time” was stuck down people’s throats during sanitization. Now it has been shaken by INSEE’s announcement of 7% inflation in January and February 2022. Such disparities in wealth in the world’s 7th largest economy are revolting.

Do you know the best? Oxfam has found a solution to reduce our pensions deficit, which worries the Macronists so much. ” We need to save our pension system because it could collapse »: this is their deep obsession. But their findings are wrong. The Orientation Council of Retirees (COR) emphasizes that this system is not in danger. The latter records a deficit of €10-12 billion per year between the mid-2030s and 2050 without reforms (for a pension system with total annual costs of around €340 billion).

According to OXFAM, a 2% tax on the wealth of French billionaires would be enough to fund our pension deficit. 2%. Or a small portion of their wealth. Funding our pension system has many solutions: you just have to bend over backwards to find the money. Macron and Borne want us to work until we are 64, rather than pay the capital. According to them, “there is no alternative”? With a simple calculation, Oxfam demonstrated the opposite.

Crisis profiteers: 63% of global wealth created since 2020 captured by world’s richest 1%

expression ” crisis winners has rarely been so adequate as to accommodate those who fill themselves. The NGO’s numbers improve. Since the health crisis, the richest 1% have captured nearly two-thirds of the global wealth produced. The remaining 99% had to be satisfied with only 37% of them. Billionaires are always ready to punish the state… except it keeps their businesses afloat. Thus, “ billionaires have made $2.7 billion a day since 2020 thanks to the public response to the Covid-19 crisis. “, according to Oxfam.

The wealth of the top 10 billionaires never stops. Since 2020, the latter have earned 189 billion euros. That’s about 19 billion each. Tell me if you are worried? Among them are characters that we do not need to introduce: Elon Musk (Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bernard Arnault (LVMH), Bill Gates (Microsoft) or Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) say that a certain Emmanuel Macron spoke” the end of plenty By the end of summer 2022.

More than ever, it’s time to announce that the hiatus is over for those who receive help from above. Raising taxes on the ultra-rich, taxing the super profits of multinationals, strengthening the fight against tax evasion: there are solutions to end this infernal spiral of inequality. There is also money to fund our pensions. The French do not have to work until the age of 64, as the government wants. Capital can pay. He has to pay for overfilling himself.

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