[ITW] We talk to Jacques Monclar about the Paris Game, mid-season and surprises

We chatted a little with Martin Luther King Day, the NBA Paris Game and 10 years of the NBA on beIN Sports approach. Jacques Monks, the channel’s historical consultant. A poster between Chicago and Detroit in Paris, early season surprises and disappointments,

It should be noted that the match between the “Bulls” and “Pistons” teams in Paris will be broadcast on Thursday at 21:00 on the beIN Sports channel. For Martin Luther King Day, the channel is offering a multiplex on its antennas from 6:45 PM on Monday.

BasketSession: What inspires you about this second ever NBA Paris Game between the Bulls and the Pistons?
Jacques Monks : Very nice stuff. A poster between two historic teams in a league everyone knows thanks to the Bad Boys and Michael Jordan. Then it’s great to be in France. People will be able to see these teams, a Frenchman with Killian Hayes… And the week is special because Monday is also Martin Luther King Day.

Nicolas Batum played a few minutes during the NBA Paris Game 2020, but there the public will be able to see Killian Hayes as the starter. It is becoming more and more prosperous, what do you think of its evolution?
Jacques Monks : I was a little scared at first for a few reasons, but Killian worked, gained confidence in his hitting and became more and more consistent. He is required to be a leader when he does not already have the best position in the base. He has always been a good defender and it shows. We’ll have to see when Cade Cunningham is there, but even if they have a couple of players in the back posts, Jaden Ivey and I can play great basketball today with a couple of guards. It’s great that he can play in front of the French public.

Are you one of those guys who thinks the Bad Boys you talked about a moment ago are a little unfairly left out of the discussion about the greatest teams of all time?
Jacques Monks : Again, it would be a matter of respecting what they did. They shut down the Celtics and Lakers, who hindered Michael Jordan early in his career and were slow to get back to the Finals and win a title…People have fixed opinions. Michael Jordan should have said: “Here, the Pistons are out of the picture, we can finally play basketball”, saying Detroit is ugly and disrespecting them. The Pistons epitomized aggression and a certain violence, but they didn’t invent it, the NBA had seen others anyway! There aren’t that many back-to-back teams, which shows that what they’re doing is strong. By the way, we did a beIN Story about the Bad Boys from Detroit.

Chicago against Detroit will be one of the upsets of the season in the East. Can things stay as they are if the Bulls are to achieve their goals?
Jacques Monks : Bulls, the fan base pissed me off when I said I saw them outside of 9th on my beIN pellet… Can’t work in this structure for me. Very good players individually, these three, Vucevic, LaVine, DeRozan. But they were never good together. There is probably a question of usage and how they play around. The real missing link that could make it all work is Lonzo Ball. We don’t know when and how from the moment he’s not there, he’ll come back, I don’t believe it at all. Patrick Williams, Coby White, Andre Drummond, all of them, still skipped basketball school, huh… Karnisovas and Billy Donovan, they usually know basketball, especially international basketball, and I think ‘they know it’s not going to work. as it is.

We are officially halfway through the season. What teams and players have surprised you and vice versa that you expect to do well?
Jacques Monks : I’m as surprised as anyone to see the Pacers so high in the East or OKC not capitulating in the West. With the Pelicans at No. 3, Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram missed a lot of games, which we have to admit is a bit of a surprise. It wasn’t so easy to predict the Nets coming out of the drama surrounding Kyrie and everything else on the team. But Kevin Durant is exceptional. On a personal level, I have to admit that I didn’t expect Donovan Mitchell to reach this level with Cleveland. He is really very good. On the other hand, I expected to see Denver and Memphis at a high level, as well as Boston. There is frustration surrounding Evan Fournier for the French, but sometimes it’s just the coach’s decisions and there’s nothing you can do about it.

After 10 years as an NBA consultant at beIN, you’ve seen the league evolve stylistically. What are you waiting for the next evolution of this level?
Jacques Monks : People need to understand that this is dictated by the players. Coaches have ideas and methods, but they can’t do anything without players who can do it. If you don’t have star shooters like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, you can’t play the game that allows the Warriors to win. The same goes for the Spurs during their first titles with Tim Duncan and David Robinson. Trends can change very quickly depending on the profile of the players. We can go back further. When Houston won two straight titles during Michael Jordan’s retirement, it was with radically different basketball than what the Bulls had won before, and it was because of Hakeem Olajuwon. And what is Milwaukee’s style when it comes to winning? Giannis Antetokounmpo around shooters. It is impossible to know what will change. We simply know that incoming players will not go through their profile.

Do you take anything away from these 10 years in particular? Meeting, meeting, trip…
Jacques Monks : It was impossible to pick out one memory or one meeting in particular, so there were many surprising ones. We haven’t stopped being serious without taking ourselves too seriously, and I think it still works very well. There’s the team you see, Xavier, Mary, Remi, Eric, Chris, Audrey, etc. We can only hope it continues. Memories of the must-win Spurs, the Finals where Ray Allen saved the Heat, my favorite Finals between Golden State and Boston…we also saw LeBron set his record in that stretch.

Program of the week on beIN Sports antennas

Monday, January 16 from 6:45 p.m. on beIN SPORTS 3: Martin Luther King Day including BOSTON @ CHARLOTTE at 7:10 p.m., INDIANA @ MILWAUKEE at 8:40 p.m., NEW ORLEANS @ CLEVELAND at 9:10 p.m. and TORONTO @ NEW at 9:10 p.m. YORK.

Wednesday, January 18 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. on beIN SPORTS 1: NBA EXTRA Live from Accor Arena

Thursday, January 19:

– on beIN SPORTS 1 from 12:30 to 13:30: NBA EXTRA Live from Accor Arena

– from 17:30 to 18:15 on beIN SPORTS 1: broadcast of the documentary film NBA HOOP CITIES PARIS

– on beIN SPORTS 1 from 19:00: pre-match NBA PARIS GAME


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