Formula 1 | The most expensive fines in F1 history

In addition to the 10% time penalty for a year’s worth of wind tunnel work, Red Bull also had to pay a hefty penalty in 2021 for going over their capped budgets. But it is not the most expensive in the history of Formula 1. , away from it.

We present to you a ranking of the eight most expensive penalties in F1 history, with the first part from eighth to fifth place.

8 – Ferrari in 2010: €95,000 ($100,000)

At the German Grand Prix, when team bookings were banned at the time, Ferrari sent a very clear message to Felipe Massa via race engineer Rob Smedley: “Felipe, Fernando is faster than you. Do you understand?” The apologies offered to the Brazilian for dropping Alonso were probably not enough.

The Scuderia will have to pay a fine of $100,000 if it wins the championship against the then top-ranked Spaniard. The stewards even referred the case to the World Motor Sport Council, but the latter decided not to impose any further sanctions against Ferrari.

Moreover, the consequences of this sad day were that starting from the 2011 season, team locker rooms were allowed again.

7 – USF1 in 2010 – €309,000 ($326,000)

The USF1 team, led by Americans Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, wanted to compete in the championship in 2010, but ultimately failed to register and was investigated for violations. sports and the International Sports Code.

The FIA ​​itself became a creditor in 2010, imposing a fine of €309,000, equivalent to the entry fee for the championship, as the team was disbanded before participating in the Grand Prix. investigation of the sport’s governing body.

The team tried to use force majeure to explain the lack of cash, citing negative media coverage that included Bernie Ecclestone’s statement, but the FIA ​​ruled there was no evidence of that.

6 – Aston Martin F1 in 2022: €426,000 ($450,000)

Aston Martin F1 has been fined $450,000 for a procedural breach under new financial rules that apply from the 2021 season.

Each of the ten teams must now submit detailed accounts to the FIA ​​to ensure everything is in order against their 2021 cap of $140 million. However, by mid-2022, the FIA ​​announced that all teams had managed to fully comply. If only one team exceeded the limit, the Silverstone team a “violation of procedure”.

While Williams F1 was fined $25,000 for a minor infraction, Aston Martin was hit with a more expensive fine. “Because he excluded and/or adjusted costs in calculating the relevant costs.”

A long list of inaccurate costs can be found in the FIA’s decision. “There is no allegation or evidence that Aston Martin received or obtained an improper advantage as a result of the breach.”

5 – Racing Point 2020: €440,000 ($473,000)

Almost the same team. Racing Point, now Aston Martin F1, has been fined €440,000 for the 2020 season after objecting to the design of the Renault F1 car’s front brake pads.

The situation began with a protest after the Styrian Grand Prix, as the FIA ​​seized the car for closer inspection. Renault complained that the design was strikingly similar to the W10 model of Mercedes F1, which won titles in 2019.

It turned out that the design was indeed a copy, but the situation became quite complicated. Although the 2020 rules prohibit the purchase of certain intellectual property from other teams, it has been revealed that Racing Point has purchased Mercedes F1 brake ducts for the 2019 season.

So Racing Point’s knowledge of design has been proven since 2019, with the stewards deciding that the team cannot simply forget what they learned the previous year. As a result, the team was fined a whopping 440,000 euros for violating sporting rules rather than technical regulations.

The team was also stripped of 15 championship points, and while the design technically violated the aforementioned Sporting Laws for the remainder of the season, they were not required to replace the part in question.

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