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This year, the winners of the best galette des rois d’Ile-de-France come not from a Parisian bakery, but from a craftsman from Val-de-Marne. (photo credit: Instagram screenshot)

This year, the winners of the best galette des rois d’Ile-de-France come not from a Parisian bakery, but from a craftsman from Val-de-Marne. It is a proud moment for a team that is participating in the competition for the first time. But is it really that special? Here is our opinion.

12,000 cakes are planned for this period

The first participation in the competition… resulted in the first victory. Pastry chef Akim Bouhadda and his team won the “best cake Grand Paris 2023” award against 127 contestants in the 35th edition of the competition.

We went to the Maison Marquise bakery in Chevilly-Larue in Val-de-Marne. The latter have been flooded with orders since announcing their victory. They plan to make 12,000 (at least) pancakes during this period (from January 1 to early February 2023).

Some days, customers are forced to arm themselves with patience, even returning the next day to taste the famous winning galetta, which is a victim of their success every day of the week.

The secrets of this exceptional galat, which requires 6 days of preparation

And if so many people go there, it is of course due to the competition and media coverage around the cake, but not only. This bakery offers a wide range of viennoiseries and pastries and employs at least 30 people.

In the kitchen alone, 5 of them make galettes every day, and each one works in the chain with a specific purpose. Denis takes care of filling and positioning the soup, Marco ensures that each galette is cut twice for a perfect finish and Mickaël concentrates on painting after David has brushed with egg yolk. .

But what is the secret of this galette that amazed the jury of the Syndicat des boulangers-pâtissiers du Grand Paris? “The five of us have 120 years of experience and know-how,” replies Akim, looking at the kitchen where his team is working.

If the pastry chefs do not waste time, it is because the Maison Marquise galette is not quick to prepare: “We start kneading it on Sunday so that it is ready the following Friday, which means six days of preparation. We could divide this time into three, but the result would not be optimal.”

Its preparation method has remained unchanged for nearly twenty years. The 35-year-old father copied the recipe he learned during his apprenticeship as a teenager. “There’s nothing better than a slow, long page,” says Akim. And as for the garnish, no frangipane this year. “One of the rules of the competition was to have pancakes with almond cream, so we adapted. It will be frangipane-free as we want to replicate the famous winning galette in the same way.”

Our take on this galette des rois: tasty, firm and generous

The word is kept, the winner of the 2023 competition deserves to be chosen. Visually, the galette sparkles and makes us drool as soon as it comes out of the oven. And its design – carefully crafted on the surface – sets it apart from the rest. The luscious dough doesn’t crumble in the hand, the dough doesn’t puff up as it cooks to create the illusion, and every part comes together as well as a cake, as we were promised.

The only downside for those who like frangipane (i.e. a mix of almond cream and pastry cream), here the taste is slightly different. The recipe, applied with almond cream, gives a slightly clearer and less sweet taste in the mouth. However, the frangipane can be filled faster than the galette.

Address: Maison Marquise, 29, rue Henri-Crette, Chevilly-Larue (94)



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