Ten meetings in and around Clermont-Ferrand this weekend, January 14th and 15th

Here’s our pick of meetings with practical information for this weekend.

All weekend

Clermont Ferrand

Disclosure: skin to skin

skin to skin offers a broader reflection on textiles as a medium and concept in art through the works of ten Portuguese artists. It is in the Leather, the organic tissue that is eternally regenerated, that the symbolic, plastic and aesthetic significance of the textile finds its strongest expression.

Place at the Roger-Quilliot Art Museum from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00, Louis-Deteix, arrondissement Montferrand in Clermont-Ferrand. Entry: €5/€3. This kind.


Land Art: Gates of Frost By Sabine Mirlesse

Gates of Frost It consists of seven frozen passages inspired by the discovery of Sabine Mirlessen’s grandfather’s engineering work on the behavior of frost at altitude in the 1930s and Mercury’s allusion to a Gallo-Roman temple. The seven portals are set up according to the Pleiades constellation and are designed to stimulate ice and frost fusions. These passages will be the subject of the photo work later.

All day, at the top of the Puy de Dome, Chemin du Couleyras. Free. This kind.



Enjoy the music

The library is celebrating its tenth anniversary. On this occasion, it invites its partners and users to come and taste the birthday cake and share a musical moment with Bédat Valley music school.

From 16:00 at the Aimé-Césaire media library, 81, rue des Jonquilles. ADMISSION IS FREE. This kind. 04.43.762.762.

Clermont Ferrand

Theater: revival By the collective Le Cri des ogres

This text by Jean Giono tells the story of a man named Panturle, who, after finding himself in utter solitude, meets Arsule, a young woman who has been molested, and lands, as if by magic, in the village of Aubignane.

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At 20.00 at La Cour des Trois Coquins, Strehler room, 12, rue Agrippa-d’Aubigné. Entry: €12/€7. Ticket office

Concert: It’s beautiful therecircus arts

A moment of music and circus made by three friends or future friends. For the recipe, they plan to mix Bach, bicycle, juggling Wagner, Jan Yann, Gluck, a bit of management and Daniel Schneider (incomplete recipe). Exact proportions and cooking times are kept secret by the creators.

At 20:30 in the auditorium of the Emmanuel-Chabrier Conservatory, 3, Rue Maréchal-Joffre. Admission: €12/€6. This kind.

From Sardou to Lomepal, these great concerts are expected in Puy-de-Dôme in 2023

Theater: Smart women by Molière at the Valet de Coeur theater

Moliere’s comedy celebrates the marriage of Henriette, a young model, and Clitandre, a gentleman. But Moliere’s learned women admired beautiful literature and knowledge above all: “No science is too deep for them.” Their credo, their love: books. Would we see them parading down the street today with mobile phones in their ears, electronic tablets in their hands, and computers on their shoulders? This is possible.

At 20.30, Opéra-Théâtre, 22, boulevard Desaix Admission: €16/€12/€8 (under 18). This kind.

Concert: Julien Granel, Mountain honey

Between the cute young man and the teaser full of good ideas, Mountain honey Standing at the crossroads between the serious pop of Flavien Berger or Muddy Monk and the musical eccentricities of Jacques or Salut C’est Cool. Mountain honey without the pressure of his presence sinks deeper into decipherment: that of a 24-year-old, sometimes lost in the hope of sunshine in his voice. Universal emotions are voiced in disarmingly candid lyrics.

At 8 p.m., Cooperative de Mai, Rue Serge-Gainsbourg. Entrance: €18.
This kind.


Christophe Alevêque: Happy New Year press review

Would you take another dose of Alévêquum? Christophe returns to tell us what everyone is talking about, Alévêque sauce, so everything you already know without a clue.

At 20:33 at Baie des Singes, 6, avenue de la République. Admission: €25/€22. This kind.


Theater for young audiences: Sand in soup pot By La Sphere Oblique

A brother and sister explore the history of their ancestors through an old piece of stolen furniture that houses objects that come to life and become characters. From the age of 8.

At 20:30 at the Jeu de Paume hall, Place de la République. Entrance: €6.
This kind.


Clermont Ferrand

Disclosure: Reptiles and amphibians

Salamanders, frogs, snakes, lizards, turtles evoke sympathy or aversion, but remain unknown. Who are they? How do they live? Where do they live? The exhibition allows visitors to discover the beauty, richness and fragility of these species and their habitats.

From 13:00 to 18:00 at the Henri-Lecogue Museum, 15, rue Bardoux. Visit: €5/€3. This kind.

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