hands made for gold, but on the Rockets

10 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists: it was a narrow triple-double that allowed Alperen Sengun (20) to make Rockets history this Wednesday. In the loss to the “Kings”, the Turkish pivot became the youngest player to achieve this performance under the colors of Houston. Above all, this stat line shows the talent on the interior that is valuable to his franchise.

GM during the 2021 draft with the 16th position Raphael Dash he knew what to expect. Beşiktaş’s former diamond in the rough isn’t a 5th position like the others, and that’s exactly why the Texan made the team interested in him at the start of his rebuild. An exceptional creator for a 2.06m player, Sengu has a rare attacking talent.

With golden hands, the Turkish national shines with fundamentals and understanding of the game. His profile resembles his profile. Nikola JokicThe two-time NBA MVP whom he sees as his “idol”.

“I think he’s really talented. It might sound weird, but I think so [les Rockets] you need to play a little more than that. Sometimes they look a little more stagnant…with all three points. This guy has talent. He can pass the ball, he can position himself, he has to touch it near the circle.”praised the Nuggets’ leader at the beginning of the season.

After this season is gone Christian Wood For Dallas, Alperen Sengun earned a bigger spot on Houston’s roster. Logging 26.7 minutes per game, the sophomore exploded in all statistical categories. He has averaged 14.5 points, 8.6 rebounds and 2.8 assists since the start.

What is clear about the progress of the phenomenon is, above all, its effectiveness. He went from 47.4% to 54.9% in shooting, with greater volume. In scoring, he was able to climb out of the bottom of the standings (1.12 points per shot) to average (1.22). He loses the ball less in passing and in general control of the game. The evolution is obvious.

“He’s improving all the time. I think he’s unique both in the way he plays and in his finishing. Last year he lost the ball more often. This year he’s improved a lot.”reported Rudy GobertHe had the opportunity to see Shengun play in the NBA and the Turkish national team.

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With their rotation on the court, the Rockets are generally better on offense. Indeed, they score 5.1 more points per 100 possessions with him, which makes his impact a positive one despite the weak defense. It is also, by far, more effective Jalen Greenthe current face of a struggling team in its second year in the league.

At this point, the track mentioned by Nikola Jokic is definitely worth considering. Why doesn’t Houston go over Alperen Shengung more? After all, Kevin Porter Jr. not really a leader per se. Ty Ty Washington Jr and Daishen Nix, meanwhile, is not yet at the NBA level. Thus, the pivot seems to be the best solution to organize the team’s often stereotyped and static game.

The question goes beyond even that simple aspect: what if Sengun was, in fact, the key to the Rockets’ draft? The designer interior model is increasingly asserting itself in the league and has clearly proven itself. Stephen Silas and his staff might consider handing over more responsibility to this gem waiting to shine. The king’s hands are made for gold, not to finish the famous line from Scarface.

“Personally, I think they should build around No. 28 (Sengun). Jalen Green and KPJ are also franchise players. But this guy is serious. We had to have a game plan for him,” he assured. Anthony Edwards Ben DuBose of Rocketswire after the Wolves’ win over Houston on Sunday.

The 2023 draft — when the franchise is expected to have a high pick — will determine the plans for Rafael Stone and the Rockets. Waiting Victor Vembanyama Where Scooter Henderson, they can now rely on themselves to realize their future hopes. Alperen Sheng is partially the future of Houston.

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