Dacia Spring Extreme mocks Tesla with these key features!

Between a road car like the Tesla Model 3 and a city car like the Dacia Spring, it’s not always the most expensive car that has the most basic features, dear Watson!

A few years ago, the ability to connect your smartphone to your car and use your favorite apps directly on the onboard screen was reserved for a few premium brands. But in 2023, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto invaded our homes and now all car models have them. Well, almost all …

These features that Tesla doesn’t have…

You intend to enjoy the latter Amazing price drop on Tesla Model 3 and Model Y order? Great choice! In many ways, they are among the best electric cars around. But this does not mean that they are perfect, far from it. For example, if you used to use your favorite apps on your car screen, you will need to review your habits. Indeed, Tesla still does not offer support for remote display of smartphones via the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto system. Instead, the Californian company prefers to provide users with its own interface. The latter, however, offers access to some third-party applications such as Spotify or Apple Music. But it stops there.

A large Tesla screen sits in the middle of the dashboard

Let’s face it, the big screen is well equipped with huge cartography, its integrated planner, internet access, games and even the all-important noise-cushion! But I’m not sure that the latter will succeed in making you forget that you need to be extremely vigilant once the reverse gear is engaged. Well, if the sound of reversing radars has always rattled your ears until now, it won’t be behind the wheel of the latest Tesla! Get rid of ultrasonic sensors, only the camera will help you during parking maneuvers. A feature that hasn’t been around since December 2022 and caused more than one confusion when there were no direct bumpers! Fortunately, Tesla promises to return to parking aids via an upcoming update. For now, we’re still waiting…

Don’t you feel anything? Sensors are now missing from the bumpers!

Speaking of patience, it also takes patience for the automatic wipers to detect when it’s starting to rain and your windshield is in serious need of some wiping. Because if you’re going to drive the throttle or Autopilot with the correct lever like any other car, your efforts will be wasted. Then it’s left to voice command or screen manipulation to help you. Apparently, that’s what progress is all about!

… but very much presented in Dacia Spring!

For release in 2021 Dacia Spring promised to be one of the cheapest electrics on the market, and despite many, it is clear that the promise has been kept. Strong growth from summer 2022. With a small 27.4 kWh battery that offers a theoretical range of 230 kilometers (WLTP), it is on display today with prices starting at €20,800, excluding bonuses. To keep the price list at the lowest level, Dacia’s first electric city car ignores certain controls such as throttle or lane keeping. Spring is also an electric car with one of the lowest engine power. So its 44 horsepower under the hood (Essential finish) and not-so-fast fast charging (CCS port is optional) limit you to city or country and highways. To see if the 65bhp Extreme trim, unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show, will change that.

Official presentation of Dacia Spring Extreme at the Brussels Motor Show

However, Dacia wanted to maintain an efficient user interface. The 7-inch touchscreen sitting in the center of the dashboard does the job perfectly. Despite the simple interface, ergonomics are present and basic functions such as GPS are available. The icing on the cake is that Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility is actually there! No problem, consult the planner to launch a route with Waze ChargeMap or even take advantage of your Deezer subscription! If you like to sing in the rain while driving, the single wiper will respond to your right hand without taking your eyes off the road. Simple, basic. Finally, opting for the Extreme finish, a soft “beep” will assist the rear-view camera and warn you of the distance with this pretty post when reversing. Simple, effective.

Apple Car Play on the Dacia Spring screen

No doubt this little Bahar will continue to be talked about in 2023, having the luxury of participating in the democratization of the electric car. For this we say bravo Dacia! For now and thWhile you wait to test the extreme finish and its 65 horsepower, you can find our video test of the redesigned Dacia Spring below. Maxime was still on the new rates…

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