When Elon Musk mocks the media-repressive complex. The second part

After Elon Musk took over Twitter for 44 billion dollars, a storm like the social network fell on him. Mass layoffs, financial warnings, back-and-forths over rescinded or delayed decisions, creation of a verified payment account, temporary censorship of certain journalists, openness to Trump and others, all kinds of attacks. Our North American correspondent goes a little higher with a political analysis of the phenomenon in two parts, where the second part presents the media’s reaction to a process that has overtaken them.

Understand 4 typical media reactions

  • Hate: the media did little or nothing about the revelations, calling them innuendo, lies. They preferred to get others to talk, namely the FBI ( here ). They tried to portray the crisis as a circus, and Musk as unstable, not to mention drug-addled and doing very badly. In other words, age is the thesis of firecrackers.
  • False parallel: admitting that problems exist, but they are presented in all proportion, and nothing illegal anyway … the opposite of what Trump is doing. Not to mention that Musk also has trials that haunt him, albeit less serious ones.
  • False compliment: this is all just a technicality. Of course, this dirty laundry had to be washed in public, but not in front of anyone. Because fascism is watching.
  • Demonization. Musk himself is a fascist and a racist. A potential threat to national security. Putin is in the corner of the forest. The FBI is as noble as Capitol geese.

Rearrange your ecological niche

In this sense, we have already reported here about the civilizational concerns expressed by Elon Musk when he bought Twitter. Even today, the genius entrepreneur extends a great pole to libertarian reformers of all backgrounds.

What will the Republicans do? Especially those in the Chamber who rebelled against the party structure?

Will they systematically use the ten scandals of the moment not only to settle scores, but to change the system, in other words, to drain the swamp? Will they be content with formalist micro-strategy, or will they proceed as the Democratic establishment will, with a major reorganization of Washington’s environmental nest?

Here are the burning political and legislative projects we’re talking about that affect the media-repressive world:

  • Structural reform of the FBI as a result of its partisan collusion, particularly its meddling in the 2020 elections;
  • For the same reasons, the reform of social media and their legal status;
  • Accordingly, the repression of regime change attempts on the territory of the United States;
  • Reforming health bureaucracies;
  • Reforms in lobbying and election financing;
  • Reform the revolving door of elected officials and senior civil servants;
  • The reactivation of Spygate, in other words, the now-dormant legal investigation into the attempted regime change against Trump;
  • Public relations total Information collected by the alleged partisan January 6 Commission on the Capitol “rebellion.”

These impossibilities, many of which owe their existence to Musk’s revelations, involve restructuring the structures or operating systems of the media, bureaucracies, political systems, large companies and their practices, charities and lobbies. The task is enormous.

Suffice it to say that a few Trumpist MPs rebelling against the allure of both parties and the lack of Think Tanks to support them in drafting legislative texts is not the will of the American regime to modernize itself. And with Donald Trump, it’s not too old for the enormity of the position. One can understand the shocking case of Elon Musk, a talented strategist, who declared that he is inclined to support another talented Florida governor Ron de Santis in the next presidential election. We could actually see this as a way to create a business environment conducive to the realization of his conglomerate dreams.

Lead by example and update political teams

It should be noted that Musk is setting an example of Silicon Valley industrialists who do not dare to restore order to their teams of spoiled children who are already accustomed to an environment where money flows freely. At Twitter, an independent company, he promised investors that they would bring teams into the real economy. This is an increase in productivity. He will do it and he has done it elsewhere. His former employees describe his method well, for example here and here. Whatever his investment, they argue, his obsession can be focused on one goal: to get his hands on it, even if it means turning it into a disruptive technology that could secure a monopoly.

As Canadian newspaper La Presse reported in December 2022, “ With Space X, humanity becomes multiplanetary, but the technological challenge is to dominate the satellite telecommunications market. With Tesla, it’s a matter of expanding carbon-free mobility, but the goal is to capture the endless revenue of autonomous transportation in a sustainable manner. With Neuralink, a human must outlast an AI that gains general intelligence, but its chips are definitely meant to be underwater technology in the metaverse. Twitter is meant to enshrine freedom of expression [] Making Twitter the guardian of free expression supported by a tech platform at the service of advertisers is a measure of Musk’s dominance ambition. This will require overcoming a number of technological challenges, in addition to overcoming an upcoming dispute with Apple. »

This probably explains the fact that Musk is interested in other platforms like Substack, which complement Twitter well.

By breaking the mainstream media, freeing the political class from existing lobbies, disinfecting the bureaucratic caste and bringing it back into focus, Musk is certainly trying to position himself as the biotechntronic monopolist of the fourth industrial revolution. Hence, perhaps, his strained relationship with Davos, so to speak, his rivalry.

Finally, let’s say that Musk’s purchase of Twitter teaches us that it is possible to start a revolutionary uprising in the United States with forty billion dollars. The real thing, not the Hollywood-Pelosian masquerade of the Capitol. No, a profound revolution that uses a hundredfold the agitprop methods of the American establishment. Talented activism. The modern world knows two famous Aspergers: Elon Musk and Greta Thunberg. Greta dreams of young people. Elon puts them back to work.

So, are Americans ready for the emergence of a third American political party that embodies the “technological future” that will supplant the other two? Who will make America “great again”? Who will make the conquest of space profitable? For example, to mine the moon to extract minerals filled with helium 3? One thing is certain, unless the Americans realize that without an immediate leap in technological, mental, moral, and organic quality, their empire will implode because they have forgotten that it is already surrounded by Sun Tzu’s followers. Including in the month. All he has left to survive is his war.

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