The Lakers were weighed down by Luka Doncic … and arbitration

This will be Friday’s debate. Hurt by Luka Doncic’s clutch layup, the Lakers lost in double overtime. Without major refereeing errors, the match should have been over by the end of the 4th quarter. We are never against rab eh, but there, a little too much revealed officers. Information.

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The Lakers took the lead twice. The Lakers were fouled twice by the referees. Luka Doncic was able to take advantage of this twice. race results, Last hand roll from Spencer Dinwiddie in the post and it’s called massive: Mavericks’ 119-115 victory after double overtime. Staples Center is in a fog, torn between respect for Luka Doncic and confusion over the trio of referees. It was an opportunity to move up to 10th in the Western Conference.

The first controversial situation. The Lakers and Mavericks are close behind, 103 all over Troy Brown Jr. in the 4th quarter. two seconds to the end. To be honest, we didn’t even have the reflex to follow the trajectory of the shot. Big movement under the screen, little vibration, Lakers wing player on the floor. We know there’s a connection without even waiting to be idle. And then not really. The first angle – the angle of the video attached above – does not give the best assessment of the connection. We previously wondered if Tim Hardaway Jr. had a great call second corner this leaves no room for doubt. Mavericks guard Troy Brown hits a shot. Normally that would be great, but there are three shots… the umpires won’t award. Zou, all in overtime.

The second controversial situation. The Lakers and Mavericks are close behind108 in the entire first overtime, LeBron James attacks the baseline and reverse placement : surprisingly short. We know his penchant for drama, the theatrical air of a person shaken by injustice has no effect on our personal opinion. Contact seemed light, let’s expect slow motion.

Light or not, there is a good one Christian Wood’s fault. The Dallas post 4 puts his left elbow on LeBron’s guard arm. Normally this would be a simple fix “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it”, but there are two shots… the judges will not award. Zou, second overtime.

These game facts take absolutely nothing away from anyone. It was incredible with Luka Doncic 35 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists on 50% shooting…in 53 minutes of action. Next game is Saturday night in Portland. He will need to recover well to keep his rank there. His performance in more detail? Fix in “adjustment” time, not exceptional, but correct, then this first 3-point bombnett that tied the game late in the 4th quarter. You are already there saying to yourself: “The child is very strong”. Its dynamics are crazy. A holy mind to leave its box at the best of times and confirm all the good we think about it. Too tall syndrome. And badaboum: a new earthquake at the end of the first extension, Chubby from Ljubljana does it again – still 3 points – and allowing the Mavericks to tie the score. Second extension (this is a sex story without arbitration failures).

Christian Wood In the final minutes of the second overtime, he cut DPOY, doubled in front of Westbrook and LeBron and Spencer Dinwiddie smart (yeah yeah) in his last stand under the circle. Say what we will about Luka Doncic’s entourage, the Slovenian didn’t just rub shoulders with donkeys tonight. Same on the Lakers side! Darwin Ham’s group breathed a sigh of solidarity, receiving support from everywhere: Russell Westbrook 7/28/5, Wenyen Gabriel full of energy, LBJ on 9/24/16. It’s a shame there wasn’t more company on the outside holders side: 1/5 Juan Toscano-Anderson in shooting, 3/13 for Schroder, Max Christie not so prominent. Second straight loss for the California franchise, but nothing to worry about. The previous one was in Nikola Jokic’s slot and won five in a row. Truly the best in the game. Playing for this title is not yet a perfect squadron, but role players wake up Anthony Davis joins the party soon.

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