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In 1971, former economics professor Klaus Schwab had the innovative idea of ​​calculating a competitiveness index for a number of countries based on economic measures taken from multiple sources. For several years, he has invited representatives of these countries to Davos in the Swiss mountains, which was once a refuge for tuberculosis patients, and presented the results of his analyzes and revealed the score and ranking of each country in terms of competitiveness. . The operation was successful. Governments were concerned about their own scores and ranks, sought to understand the performance of high-ranking countries, and adopted policies to improve their own scores and ranks.

For a long time, Davos was an unquestionable success, fueling an obsessive rage for the competitiveness of countries. However, over time, Schwab sought to overcome this exclusive concern with competitiveness, which became the object of increasingly harsh criticism. Davos has become a group of experts who prepare many texts for disagreement, proposals for public policies.

However, the pandemic shook Klaus Schwab and inspired him with the theme of the Great Restructuring, with an authoritarian, radical program of measures published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), confounding his betrayed worldview.

Since then, and because of his guilt, WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab has been central to the imagination of conspiracy theorists of all stripes, along with Bill Gates and George Soros.

The annual meeting of Davos would become a place of consultation of globalists and world masters. Admittedly, this forum now brings together people with economic, financial, political and social power.

For several years now, the topics discussed there always revolve around the necessary transformation of the world, leadership in a multipolar world. The WEF describes the objectives of the 2023 meeting as follows: “The underlying principle of the program is that current crises, however severe, are manifestations of larger systemic failures that have accumulated over time. They are also the result of a narrow view of systems as sectors rather than as truly multi-domain, networked and highly dynamic entities, especially in the context of the meta-trends of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and climate change. »

The style is bombastic, the content ambiguous, but the message is clear. Everywhere and in everything we need to build (implement? By whom? How?) a “new system”: for energy, climate and nature; for investment, trade and infrastructure; harnessing advanced technologies for private sector innovation and sustainability; for work, skill and care.

Given the collective power of these forum participants, it is reasonable to imagine a scenario in which expanding forces attempt to impose a new economic and political order on a population that is neither informed nor consulted.

The World Economic Forum is protesting the demonization of the Forum and the Davos meeting, while only yesterday we welcomed the recognition of the WEF as an organization capable of uniting the world’s powers-that-be around an agenda of radical change. The WEF is currently the victim of a disinformation campaign. In response, the WEF and Klaus Schwab now claim that their proposals are intended to be benign and respectful of democratic processes.

It would be more eloquent to argue that the reality of the Davos forum is quite different. Political leaders are only in Davos to speak. The business and financial elite barely attend the various sessions. Its members only join the panels they are invited to. Much of their time in Davos is devoted to bilateral meetings to explore business opportunities.

Having participated in this forum several times, I have found that this modus operandi leaves little time and space for consultation among globalists. Of course, private meetings, especially those of the Board of Trustees (where the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada sits) that avoid regular participants, are not spaces of consultation and global coordination. But I highly doubt it.

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